Mommy-Daughter Duo Inspires Young Readers to Dream Big, With Mina London

Here at Gerber Childrenswear, we aim to share parenting journeys of all kinds, all year long. We’re excited to share Mina’s journey with her littles.

Hi, my name is Mina London. I am a wife and mother of three beautiful children, one daughter and two sons. Big sister Maliyah London and I wrote our first children's book together in the year 2020. Maliyah was only four at the time when Covid-19 took the world by storm and impacted billions of people. I was determined to make our home a fun and positive space where we could be as creative and imaginative as possible. I did that by creating story time during lunch/bedtime. We had so much fun creating our own stories. Maliyah really took a liking to storytelling and before I knew it, I could just sit there in awe watching her in her element. That's how our book Dancing On The Moon came alive. The character Nala will inspire young readers to dream big, to think big and to dance big. We hope to remind everyone that even if your dreams do not make sense to others, perseverance is key.

I want to show all children, not just mine, that their dreams are important and matter.

We pave the way forward by teaching them how to set goals, believe in themselves, and act consistently. Like a gardener tending to plants diligently watering what will soon be a beautiful blossom, we know that consistency brings about the best return. On our book journey together, I wanted to inspire my daughter, but she has inspired me. To let my words, align with my actions. To be my best self and to put my best foot forward. I knew giving up was never an option even when the process got hard because I believe children learn more by observing.

Maliyah, Mina's daughter, sitting down and smiling at the camera while holding the "Dancing on the Moon" book.

Maliyah is wearing Our Softest Edit Two Piece Moss Pajamas

Life has a way of showing us that we are all still students and not always the teacher.

Keeping a positive mindset when challenges arise has taught me a few things, like remembering something better awaits you when things get difficult, and that when one door closes another will open.

Dancing on the Moon has helped me realize the power of going after the things I want out of life and putting in the hard work to get each thing accomplished. Maliyah and I can only hope by sharing our journey we can encourage more parents and children to go after their wildest dreams and live in them. We don't have to put our aspirations on hold due to circumstances. Each day is full of opportunities waiting for us to take a chance. Dancing On The Moon was a vision that came true for us only because we didn't give up. Be encouraged. Chase your dreams.

Keep up with Mina and her family on her personal Instagram, lovehealthbeyond and the journey of her and Maliyah’s book at dancingonthemoon2023 on Instagram.

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