Essentials Only: Your Minimalist Baby Registry Checklist

Essentials Only Your Minimalist Baby Registry Checklist

Whether you are expecting your first baby or a second child, there are hundreds of items you can place on your baby shower registry. Some of them are important to have in the first few months, while others can be skipped entirely. If you are a parent who is interested in a minimalist baby registry, you will love this guide to the true baby essentials. Here, we will explain which must-haves infants need, as well as which products you can leave off the list. 

There are many benefits to making an essentials-only baby registry checklist. Focusing your shower guests on the most important newborn supplies and baby clothes will help to prevent clutter in your home and nursery. You will also avoid having to make returns or exchanges during the busy newborn stage. As a bonus for parents, a simplified list eliminates waste, helps you to stay eco-friendly and ensures that you get the baby items you really need on the right budget. With this approach, you will not have to make several trips to the baby supply store or feel pressed to do all the shopping. 

Before you send out your baby shower invitations, go through each of the items on the following essentials-only checklist. Next, add them to your streamlined registry and include them in the invitations for your celebration for the baby. This approach will make it easy for you to get everything you need before your child arrives. You will also make shopping stress-free for friends and family! 

Must-Have Baby Clothing 

From cozy to trendy, there are endless styles of baby clothing and accessories. The trick is to decide which garments you need, and which ones are more fun than necessary. Denim jeans and elegant dresses are adorable, but they do not keep your child comfy for long. They can also make it more difficult to get your infant dressed — if they even wear these clothes in the first place. 

The first few months of your baby’s life involve a lot of eating and sleeping, which means you do not need to make their outfits complicated. Quality basics in cute colors or classic prints will keep your baby looking fresh and feeling happy. Since baby shower guests love buying clothes, it helps to be specific about which must-have baby items and sizes you want. Take it from experienced parents of newborns: Resist the urge to ask for clothing in sizes for bigger children since they may not be appropriate for the season or occasion by the time that they get to wear them!

No matter what season your baby is born, there are a few types of essential garments that make playing, sleeping and diaper changes easy. The following clothing also helps you to create cute, comfortable outfits that are perfect for spending quality time with the baby or enjoying a playdate: 

baby clothing checklist

  • Gerber® Onesies® bodysuits: Bodysuits are a popular clothing item for newborns, babies and toddlers. They are beloved by parents for their cozy cotton feel, their adorable look and their convenience for parents. Gerber® Onesies® bodysuits take your child’s style and comfort to the next level with their signature fun designs, puff print graphics and vibrant bodysuit colors. They also feature an expandable lap shoulder neckline that makes it easy to get the garment over your baby’s head. Snaps are positioned to make diaper changes clean and fast, while easy-care machine washable fabric helps take the stress out of laundry days. They also pair perfectly with other Gerber clothing to create a complete and imaginative outfit. Ask for sets and multipacks for a week’s worth of bodysuits in different prints or colors. Once you know which sizes and designs are your favorite, you can buy more similar bodysuits when your baby gets a little bigger. 
  • Sleepwear: Babies can wear bodysuits day or night. Pair their short sleeve or long sleeve Gerber® Onesies® bodysuits with your choice of bottoms and a pair of cozy baby socks. If you need something warmer, footed pajamas can help to keep your child snuggly. Our Sleep ’N Plays are known to keep tiny feet toasty. They also feature a safe, easy-zip design that won’t snag your child and makes it easier to change them during the nighttime. Soft, breathable material encourages better slumber for your newborn. You can also go minimalist by asking for long sleeve or short sleeve tops. Match them with joggers, sweatpants or leggings for sleep. Once you wash them, your baby can wear them for a day of play. 

folding white onesie in drawer

  • Baby blankets:  Just like with baby clothing, there are many styles of swaddles and blankets. Some babies like to wear them all, while others will only take a liking to a certain design or material. When it comes to the minimalist checklist, it helps to choose something that is cute, warm and functional. Ask for a multi-pack of flannel receiving blankets that are easy to wash, fold and use for different situations. With receiving blankets, you can cuddle with your baby or swaddle them with comfort. Learning how to fold baby blankets the right way will allow you to create swaddles in the style that works for you and your newborn. 
  • Baby bottoms:  Once you pick out your bodysuits and sleepwear, choose a few different styles of baby bottoms. Drawstring shorts and biker shorts are excellent choices for spring and summer, while your newborn will have a complete look when they wear footed pants, sweatpants or fleece-lined leggings in the fall and winter. Basic and neutral colors such as gray, black and white will make it simple to make an outfit with your favorite puff print Gerber® Onesies® bodysuits and seasonal bodysuit designs. Round out your baby’s minimalist closet with a few fun colors for bottoms, like pink, red or purple. 
  • Baby socks: Baby shoes are adorable and fashionable, but they will not be necessary for the first several months. Instead, you can ask for some cozy and stylish baby socks. Put a pack of basic white socks on your list, along with another set of socks in multiple colors. With this approach, you can keep your child looking cute and stylish without feeling like you have to purchase different shoe styles. Baby’s feet will not grow a huge amount in the first few months, which means you are sure to have enough socks for the entire season. If you do choose a pair of baby shoes for fashion, be sure that they are classic and functional enough to match all of your baby’s outfits. 

Essential Feeding and Diapering Supplies 

Along with baby clothing, feeding and diapering supplies are essential parts of any baby registry. In this section of the minimalist checklist, parents can focus on eliminating waste and unnecessary baby products. This approach helps to ensure guests find the products that parents truly want. 

Buy Eco-Friendly Cloth Diapers

You will find a variety of feeding and diapering gadgets out there, but your newborn will require only a few must-have items. These include:  

Feeding and Diapering Checklist

  • Diapers: While today’s parents are still buying disposable diapers, many are deciding to switch to the reusable kind. Cloth diapers are popular because they are eco-friendly and help to reduce the buildup of trash in your home. Since they are made of breathable cotton material, they are also comfy on your baby’s skin. Our prefold diapers with matching pads make it easy for parents to get started. Ask for a multipack to gauge how many you will need in the future. 
  • Baby bibs: While you certainly do not need a new one for every day of the week, it is helpful to have a couple of baby bibs on hand. Keep one in the kitchen or near your child’s feeding chair. Store a second one in case of a mess. Having an extra allows you to take a break from laundry. It can also help to keep things fresh during feedings. A bib and burp cloth set makes for a fun gift. It is also convenient and economical, making it the perfect set for a minimalist registry list. 
  • Burp cloths: One set of burp cloths should be all you need for a newborn. Neutral colors and unisex designs will make it easy to match with your child’s accessories and clothing. When it comes to material, knit and flannel burp cloths are soft enough for the baby’s face. They are also absorbent enough to make a difference during a feeding or in the midst of a milk mess. Since they are easy to wash, you can toss them in the machine whenever they get dirty. A quality set should last for months, if not through the baby’s first year.  
  • Wipes: Every parent will need some wipes to get started. Whether you choose cloth or disposable, you can ask your guest list for enough for the first month. Cloth wipes are the most minimalist and eco-friendly choice. If you want to use disposable wipes, you can research the most environmentally-safe options. 
  • Changing pad: A changing pad with a changing pad cover is essential because it helps to protect clothing and other fabrics. It also gives you a safe, clean spot to change your baby. Most minimalist parents will prefer a portable changing pad to use both in the nursery or while traveling. Place a foldable design in your diaper bag or in the car next to your baby gear. Store it when not in use to keep it durable for as long as possible. 
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Basic Nursery Furniture 

Many nursery items are cute, but they are not considered “minimalist.” While you can find plenty of adorable items and artwork for your baby’s room, there are products you should prioritize. The most important furniture items for your baby’s room include a place to sleep and a destination for you and your child to spend time together. This setup may look different for every family, but you will need some version of each of these items on your registry checklist: 

Nursery Furniture Checklist

  • Crib or Bassinet: Today’s best cribs are designed to be safe, functional and more compact than the baby beds of the past. Whether you choose a standard crib or prefer to have a bassinet, you should look for one that saves space and features an eco-friendly design. Some products are perfect for minimalists because they allow you to adapt the crib into a bed for a toddler. Others come with an attached shelving unit and changing table, which means you do not have to purchase another piece of furniture. 
  • Mattress: Most cribs and bassinets will need you to buy a mattress, so be sure that you include this on your checklist. There are many lightweight and environmentally-friendly mattresses for infants, so it may help to take some time to research. Look for one that is highly-rated by parents for its safety, comfort and durability. If it is kept clean and tidy, an affordable yet quality mattress can last a child for years. 
  • Baby bedding: Protect your baby’s mattress and keep them cozy with soft baby bedding. Two sets of sheets should be all that you need to get started. Choose a primary set that matches your baby’s nursery and then keep extras in the event of stains or spills. It is also nice to have more on hand in case your favorite sheets shrink in the dryer. Ask for products in neutral colors so you can match any seasonal décor or style you choose for the room. Fitted cotton crib sheets are among the most popular choices for today’s parents. For your baby’s safety, make sure to choose crib sheets made with elastic edges to ensure a safe and snug fit on any standard size crib mattress.
  • Nursing/feeding chair: It is not necessary to buy an expensive chair or fancy ottoman set. However, you will need a serene and comfy spot to feed, snuggle and read with your baby. Visit your favorite furniture stores to try a few well-priced designs. You may also decide to buy a chair that is similar to one you have in your home. Rocking chairs, recliners and gliders are popular for nurseries. However, there are plenty of living room armchairs and club chairs that you may find useful for getting cozy. 

baby standing in crib

Important Safety and Transportation Items 

There are safety items you need to get the baby home from the hospital. You will also require something to transport your infant while you travel together. You do not need accessories like weather shields, seat liners or travel organizers, but you will require a car seat and a stroller. The minimalist parent should ask for a safe, highly-rated, quality product that is part of a travel set. 

A travel set includes a car seat that snaps into the top of the stroller to provide a safe ride for newborns. While these products can be among the most expensive on a baby registry list, they are often the most popular gifts. Be specific about which product you want, in case a loved one would like to purchase it. Tell them the brand you would like, as well as the model and color. Consider providing a backup model if the one you want is not available. 

When your baby gets older, they can sit in the stroller without the car seat attachment. Many newborn car seats are dynamic enough to last through a baby’s first year, but look at the product’s weight limits, measurements and safety specifications to know if the set will be a smart purchase for your family. 

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Gifting Baby with the Essentials 

This guide will help you to create a useful, minimalist registry list that works for you and your family. Since every baby is unique, take a second look at the list to make sure there is not anything else you need for your home or nursery. If you think you will need additional baby clothes, supplies or furniture, feel free to include them. The best baby shower registries meet parents’ needs while staying practical, functional and eco-friendly. Shopping our comfy and soft baby clothing along with the must-have newborn furniture, diapering items and feeding supplies will help you to get through the first few months without fuss or stress.

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