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Make Photo Time Fun!

Make Photo Time Fun!

(and get some great shots while you're at it!)


“Stop moving!” “Smile!” “Sit still just for one moment. Please!”

Sound familiar?

Here are some tips to make photo time more fun, less hectic, and much more productive.


Take lots of candid shots, not just posed pictures. The more the camera becomes an everyday item, the more relaxed your kids will feel in front of it.


Father and daughter on front steps of house
Get outside! Natural, shaded light is wonderful for catching some great shots. Plus, the outdoors offers lots of opportunity for happy distractions that can make for beautiful photographs.

If you have a fantasy photo in mind (their cutest outfit, the perfect backdrop, props), enlist a friend to help you capture their attention during the shoot. Dance, sing, wave toys around— whatever it takes!


Take some silly selfies! Although they won’t necessarily have a professional look, you’ll get some great shots just getting the giggles together. If you’ve got lots of little faces to get in the frame, consider investing in a selfie stick.


Use rapid fire, continuous mode, or burst mode. These options snap multiple shots within the second, so you can take lots of photos quickly and weed through them later.


Sneak photos with your phone! Avoid the fake smiles that come along with everyone squished together in one shot. Instead, focus on the small, personal exchanges that occur. This is great practice during holidays and big celebrations.


Engage them in conversation. It’s a great way to capture authentic emotion. School, pets, anything!


Baby in onesie crawling toward camera
Get on their level, literally! Lay down, kneel, or do whatever it takes to get the shot closest to eye level. It'll create a fresh perspective and interesting angles.


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