Learning Spanish Words for Clothes with Fun Coloring Sheet

As little ones grow, they become more and more involved in the process of getting dressed and picking out their own adorable outfits! This added responsibility for little fashionistas comes with the ability to also express new wardrobe words as they’re getting ready.

If you’re looking to introduce Spanish at home, incorporating the Spanish version of these words into the routine of getting dressed is a great way to get children to practice new vocabulary in Spanish. There are plenty of opportunities to sneak these words into conversation!

Our friends at Binibi, whose bilingual sound books you can find on our site, want to help make it easier for you to practice them in a fun, memorable way! Use the bilingual coloring sheet below to color in the images and practice new Spanish words as your little ones rock their favorite Gerber Childrenswear pieces! Be sure to check out more of Binibi’s bilingual educational resources for more practice. 

Simply print off the picture below to get started!

Printout of Spanish to English words for coloring