How to Understand TOG Rating: Choosing the Right Sleepwear for Baby

Babies have a hard time regulating their body temperature and can easily overheat or get too cold without the right pajamas or sleepwear. To keep your baby comfortable while asleep, it’s important to choose sleepwear appropriate for the season. The TOG rating system is designed to help you determine the best sleepwear for your baby.

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Why Does TOG Rating Matter for Babies?
There’s a lot to be aware of as a parent, but while TOG rating may seem technical, it’s fairly straightforward. Thermal Overall Grade, or TOG, is simply a measure of fabric’s ability to trap air and provide insulation.

What is the TOG Rating Scale?
The TOG rating scale is designed to indicate the level of warmth provided by various types of fabric. The higher the rating, the warmer the sleepwear or pajamas will be.

For instance, this Sleepbag Wearable Blanket from Gerber Childrenswear has a TOG rating of 1.2, indicating it is ideal for 68°F to 72°F, which is considered the best room temperature for babies.

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How to Choose the Right TOG Rating for Your Baby:

  1. Consider the Season and Room Temperature: Take into account the climate and temperature of your baby's sleep environment. Keeping the room where your baby will be sleeping within a consistent temperature range will help make choosing the best TOG rating easy.
  2. Check Clothing Layers: Adjust your baby's clothing layers based on the TOG rating of their sleepwear. Adding a Onesies® bodysuit underneath their wearable blanket can help keep your baby warm if they tend to run colder.
  3. Choose Breathable Materials: In warmer weather, choose breathable styles or materials to ensure airflow and prevent overheating.


Safety Tips for Nursery Bedding

Understanding TOG rating empowers you to make informed decisions when choosing sleepwear for your baby. By selecting the appropriate sleepwear based on the season and room temperature, you can ensure your little one sleeps safely and comfortably through the night.

For more information on safe sleep practices, check out reputable sources such as the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) or consult with your pediatrician.

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TOG Rating FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: What is the recommended room temperature for my baby's sleep environment? A: According to WebMD, 68°F – 72°F is the best sleeping temperature. Use a thermostat to monitor the temperature and adjust bedding accordingly. Keeping your babies room at an ideal temperature has been shown to reduce the risk of SIDS.

Q: Can I use a blanket with a high TOG rating instead of a sleepbag? A: It is not safe to leave a baby unattended with a blanket, especially while they are sleeping. A sleepbag wearable blanket designed specifically for babies reduces the risk of suffocation and ensures proper airflow.

Q: What should my baby wear under different TOG-rated sleepwear? A: For sleepwear with a low TOG rating, such as a Gerber Childrenswear wearable blanket, a light cotton Onesies® brand bodysuit may be sufficient. In cooler weather, select warmer pajamas styles or add layers such as a long-sleeved bodysuit.

Q: Can I use sleepwear with a higher TOG rating if my baby tends to feel cold? A: While it's natural to want to keep your baby warm, it's essential to avoid overheating. If your baby feels cold, consider adjusting the room temperature or adding an extra layer of clothing.

Q: Are there any risks associated with using sleepwear with a low TOG rating? A: Sleepwear with a low TOG rating is designed for warmer temperatures and may not provide sufficient warmth in cooler weather. Make sure to monitor your baby's comfort and adjust their clothing or bedding as needed to maintain a comfortable sleep environment.

Q: Can I use sleepwear with a high TOG rating during the summer months? A: As a general rule, select lightweight and breathable sleepwear with a low TOG rating to keep your baby comfortable in warmer temperatures.

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