How to Tie-Dye Gerber Crib Sheets

Just when you thought you did every quarantine craft for baby, we decided to tie-dye our white crib sheets! So, grab your tie-dye kit and watch our video for a quick demonstration on how you can DIY colorful crib sheets.

As newborns, babies love looking at high-contrasting patterns. According to the Academy of Pediatrics, high-contrasting patterns are one of the best ways for your baby to lengthen their attention span, improve their memory and develop their nervous system.

For this project, you can use our White Fitted Crib Sheet. Pulling the sheet on and off the mattress is easy with the fitted edges. The corners contain elastic that stretches to provide a snug fit on a standard 52" x 28" crib mattress. When it's time to wash this bedding, the easy care fabric makes cleaning quick and simple. Just toss it into the machine washer and dryer for a no-fuss laundry day. Pick this sheet up for your own little one or give to a special new or soon-to-be mom on your list today!

Materials Needed:

  • Gerber Crib Sheet
  • Tie-Dye (For safety, use a non-toxic dye)
  • Plastic bag or plastic wrap
  • Paper towels
  • Protective gloves
  • Elastic bands


1. Wash and dry your Gerber crib sheet beforehand.

2. Set up your surface: Either take this project outside or create a work surface with a plastic covering. For extra protection, add paper towels to the surface.

3. We hope this goes without saying, but the dye will dye your clothes! Either wear an art smock or put on some old clothes you won’t mind getting messy. If you’re doing this project with your toddler, order a pack of white shirts to use as an art smock!

4. Prepare and choose color/s to use as the dyes. If you prefer, you can just use one color. *Pro Tip: Try mixing colors if you’re feeling extra artsy!

5. Put on your gloves!

6. In this video, we chose the swirl technique. For this technique:

  • Pinch the fabric and twist into a flat spiral
  • Bind the spiral using elastic bands
  • Apply your dyes—alternate colors with each section

7. Cover your dyed Gerber crib sheet with plastic wrap or put into plastic bag.

8. Let it set for 6-8 hours or longer for the most vibrant colors.

9. Remove and rinse well with water until excess dye is removed.

10. Cut elastic bands off.

11. Set washer to “large load” with the hottest water suitable for fabric and add a small amount of laundry soap. Wash and dry separately from other items. *Wash separately for the first few washes. 

    There you have it! A colorful DIY crib sheet made with love for your little cutie. Make a day out of it and share this blog with someone you’d want to do this with.  

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