How to Teach Your Children About Love

At what age does my child understand love?

How do I teach my child to love others?

How do you explain love to a child?

From hands-on activities to children’s books, professionals and doctors have many resources to answer and solve all of your questions but the first step is simple: Love your child. If your child feels loved, they will want show love to others.

As young as the age of two, your little one will understand the basic foundation of relationships—love & trust. How? From knowing you and their family cares.

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Monkey See, Monkey Do

The next step? Love others. Children pay close attention to our actions. Displaying positive behaviors such as encouragement and sharing will be copied by your mini me. Your example is essential, but it’s not to be blamed if your child’s squabbles because you are not all they’re influenced by.

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Patience is a Virtue

Patience requires two things: self-control and understanding. This one may take some time to learn—so be patient yourself! This virtue will come in handy for many reasons, like sibling playtime, which brings us to our next point.

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Sharing is Caring

Sharing toys is a fantastic way to teach your little ones how to love others. Not only will this enhance their own bonding time with siblings and friends, but this will also show them how to act as a team player.

Gerber Childrenswear The Parenting Journey Blog

Most Importantly: Selflessness

This one is key to teaching your child about love. Guide your child to be selfless by encouraging them to do things for others. Whether it’s helping their sibling make their bed, spending time with someone instead of playing with their new toy or assisting mom with chores, demonstrate these traits yourself to see it return in your home.

There are so many ways to teach your children about love. Share your tips and tricks with us on social by using #GCWbaby or tagging us @gerberchildrenswear.

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