How to Remove Stains from Your Baby Clothes

Baby foods, blowouts, spit up, breast milk—the list goes on and on for what easily stains your little one’s adorable outfits. Our go-to stain remover? Dreft laundry stain remover. It’s specifically formulated for tough stains on infants’ clothing, bedding and blankets. Its advanced cleaning system can safely remove stain and odors caused by most all common stains.

Watch as we demonstrate how to easily use Dreft laundry stain remover and see below for a step-by-step instruction.



  1. Turn nozzle to ON position.
  2. Spray directly onto stain, soaking the fabric. Rub in.
  3. Wait 3-5 minutes; wash with detergent in warmest water fabric will accept.
  4. Once stain is removed, dry your garment.

For best results, treat stains when they are fresh. Extra-tough stains may require a second treatment. If so, pre-treat and then re-wash before drying. Some stains, like rust, permanent inks and dyes, may be impossible to remove.

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