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How To Keep Your Toddler Comfy & Warm This Winter

How To Keep Your Toddler Comfy & Warm This Winter
*Young child sitting on the floor

Winter is on its way and along with it comes adorable winter toddler clothes. Yay! But before you bust out any scratchy sweaters or stiff toddler jeans, no matter how cute they are, take a moment to think about how your toddler will feel wearing them. Many, if not most, young children are quite sensitive to the fabrics they wear, and unfortunately cold-weather apparel can be the biggest culprit for uncomfortable materials.

Let’s dive into some super cute, everyday toddler outfits that will keep your little one toasty, happy and ready to play!

*Happy child standing in gray outfit

The best advice we have for dressing both toddler girls and toddler boys for chilly weather is to dress them in soft layers. That way if you’re traveling back and forth from indoors to outdoors, you won’t need entire outfit changes. Some basic tops and bottoms will go a long way. If they are made with cotton or cotton blends (like those pictured below), even better. Top them off with some warm accessories and outer layers and your kiddo is all set!


*One long sleeve top, two pairs of leggings

If you have more on the day’s agenda than a trip to the playground and your child needs something nicer to wear, there’s no need to sacrifice comfort! Check out our adorable Classics Collection to find toddler boy button ups and twill pants, toddler girl dresses and leggings, and more! In this collection, you’ll find a variety of sweater styles made with luxuriously soft fabrics that are the perfect pieces for layering. Did we mention these styles make wonderful holiday outfits?

*Child sitting on the floor

After a long day of play, there’s nothing better than a cozy pair of PJ’s! If you keep your house extra warm during the winter months, we recommend one of our 4-piece pajama sets. You can mix and match the long and short sleeve tops with the bottoms to suit the indoor temperature perfectly. Or if you prefer to keep your house on the cooler side so you can take full advantage of bundling up, our footed fleece toddler pajamas are just the ticket!


* One 4-piece pajama set, one 2-pack pajama set

No matter what winter activity you have in store, it’s important to keep your child’s comfort at the forefront your mind. Not only will they be happier, but your day will go much more smoothly!

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