How to Come Up with Unique Baby Names

Find Baby Boy Names & Baby Girl Names You’ll Love

If it seems like you know a lot of people named Michael and Mary, you’re probably not alone. The Social Security Administration has data going back more than a hundred years on the most popular baby names in America. Since 1922, Michael has been the most popular baby boy name an unbelievable 44 times, while Mary has held the top spot as a baby girl name 34 times!

The most popular baby names change over time, but we still tend to gravitate towards the current trend. For the past 8 years, Emma and Olivia have traded the first and second spot for girls, while Liam and Noah have done the same for boys. While there’s certainly a lot to love about popular baby names, many parents look for unique alternatives. But where do you start when trying to find new baby names? We’ve got some tips to help, but know that whatever name you land on, Gerber Childrenswear is here for you with personalized blankets, towels, bathrobes and more!

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A New Twist on Old Inspiration for Baby Names

Finding inspiration for baby girl names from flowers is a tradition going back hundreds of years. Popular choices include Violet, Daisy, Rose, and Lily, which peaked in popularity around the same time Alyson Hannigan played a character with the name in the sitcom How I Met Your Mother. But there are many beautiful flowers names more seldom encountered. Dahlia, Aven and Poppy to name a few. And with options like Heath and Rowan, don’t rule out flowers as a source of baby boy names too.

Spices have similarly been borrowed as popular source of baby girl names, with Rosemary and Ginger leading the way. Somewhat more unique, Anise and Sage are beautiful options for baby girl names as well. Not all flowers and spices make for a great baby girl name (we would recommend avoiding Liverwort, for example), but there are plenty of fresh ideas to be found from these traditional sources.

Great Baby Names from the (Distant) Past

Thanks to variety of tools like, 23&Me and more, researching our family lineage and origins has almost never been more popular. This unique ability creates new opportunities to incorporate family heritage into creative baby names. Some Celtic names in particular have been rediscovered, with Aidan and Brianna especially popular in the early 2000s. If you’re looking for inspiration for a unique baby name with significant meaning, opportunity abounds. Kelenna, a baby boy name stemming from the Igbo people of modern-day Nigeria means “God be praised.” And some names can be found in cultures around the world. Tara, for instance, means “Star” to some South Asian cultures, while in Irish history it is tied to the “Stone of Destiny” on which kings were said to be crowned.

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Combine Parent Names to Create Unique Baby Names

Admittedly a little harder than searching for inspiration elsewhere, and perhaps downright impossible for some couples, combing the names of both parents lends a new baby name extra meaning. Christopher and Ashley may become Asher, a popular name in its own right, or Elizabeth and Michael can become a unique baby boy name such as Elich. Or maybe Emich. This might not be the easiest route, but we trust your creativity. There’s plenty of room for thinking outside the box here, and the best part is, the rules are completely up to you!

Find Ideas for Baby Names in Books and Movies

Naming a child after a favorite character in a book is so popular that even Charles Dickens did it. Of course, in his case, he named his daughter after one of his own characters. But even still, finding inspiration for a unique baby name in a personal favorite book or movie is a great way to discover new baby names and give them a personal connection. But when looking for unique baby boy names or something different for your baby girl, avoid the most popular current trends. Isabella, already well-liked when the Twilight series came out, skyrocketed to the number one baby girl name shortly thereafter. Secondary characters or older works may provide an equally inspiring source, without the same likelihood of becoming too popular. A word of caution to be careful if you do choose a baby name from an ongoing book series or tv show. Be careful, you never know who may turn out to be a villain!

Finding the perfect baby name for your little one is an exciting part of preparing for their arrival. Whatever you decide, you’re sure to find the perfect fit. And speaking of fit, Gerber Childrenswear has you covered with all the new baby clothes you’ll need!


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