Burping = Relief for Everyone!

You just fed your baby… they're supposed to be happy, right? But instead there is squirming, crying, and a red face—what gives? Chances are your baby is gassy! When babies feed, via breast or bottle, they sometimes swallow a little too much air. Burping can be a serious relief for both of you. Here are some classic burping styles and tips to help you soothe baby’s feeding time blues.

Before burping always remember:

Three blue baby bibs
  • Be gentle! A cupped hand is softer than a flat palm.
  • Support their head/neck; this crucial rule applies when burping too!
  • Grab a burp cloth or a cloth diaper! This will help to clean any spit-up.

       Over the Shoulder

Let baby’s chin rest on top of your shoulder. Support baby with one hand and with the other, gently pat baby on the back. You can also try this walking around, sometimes movement can help those little belches break loose.

       Across the Lap, Sitting Up

Support your baby sitting up in your lap by letting her chest rest against the heel of your hand, her chin cradled in your palm or with your fingers. Just be sure not to constrict her throat. Gently pat baby on the back (you can add a little bounce if you like) and wait for the burp!

       Across the Lap, Belly Down

Lay your baby on her belly across your lap. Make sure to support her head and hold her at an angle so that her head is higher than her chest. Gently pat and listen for that happy sound!

It’s common practice to burp a baby in the middle of feeding time and again at the end, but every baby is unique and some burp more than others. On the flip side, some babies rarely need to burp, and that’s fine too! In fact, consider yourself lucky! 

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