How to Announce Your Baby Registry: 6 Fun and Creative Ideas

How to Announce Your Baby Registry 6 Fun and Creative Ideas

Baby showers are still as popular as ever, but some families will choose alternative ways to celebrate the birth of a child. Baby sprinkles are an excellent idea for a second or third bundle of joy, while co-ed parties include all your loved ones. Some people will decide not to have an in-person celebration, but that doesn’t mean you can’t announce your baby registry. The following fun and creative ideas will explain how to announce baby registry information as well as how to connect with those you care about. When you’re done reading through this list, you’ll have plenty of inspiration for your greeting! 

1. Create a Custom Link for Your Registry 

There are many ways to create a baby registry. Some parents have their wish list at one baby clothes shop or infant supply store, while others will create a page of links from their favorite sites. No matter how you choose to build your child’s registry, it’s easy to create a custom shortened URL with your info. If you’re not yet familiar with shortening links, many free sites will let you customize a URL from the website of your choice. A simple format makes it easier for people to remember and share with others. 

Along with ease of communication, the benefit of creating your own URL is that you can insert it into everything from emails to blog posts. You can also add it to social media profiles. If you’re having a baby shower, you can put it on your print invitations or digital RSVP cards. You’ll also be able to link it while you’re texting on your smartphone. 

This solution gives your friends and family a simple way to find and browse your favorite baby supplies. Whether they prefer to shop on their laptop or smartphone, they can research everything from Gerber® Onesies® bodysuits to diapering products. Most digital registries are also compatible if you shop in-store. 

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Your loved ones can leave the custom link in the notes section of their phone and then refer to it while they walk through the shop. If you have co-workers or extended family, they’ll be able to share the registry together. A simple way to give the link to others will leave less work for the parents-to-be! 

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2. Make a Baby-Focused Blog 

These days, it’s easy to create a blog on your own. Many sites allow you to design a website in minutes. You’ll be able to choose your own colors that match your nursery or the clothes on your registry. If you choose the right service, you’ll also be able to register a domain name. 

A baby blog allows your friends and family to follow along as you journal about your pregnancy. You can also share photos of your experience and information about your shower or baby registry. When you’re ready to share your list, create a post dedicated to the information. Announce the registry along with the link to the website. Since it’s your blog, you can write more information about the baby boy or baby girl clothes and supplies you like, as well as what you don’t want. You can also share notes about the stores you prefer and what types of products (like clean or eco-friendly items) are most important. 

Be as specific or general as you wish about the baby registry and your celebrations. If you do not have a shower, you can include that information or leave it out entirely. For those who will be holding an event, you can link to information about your shower or party. Later, your loved ones can access the same blog to find out about the baby’s birth and get links to baby pictures. 

3. Hold a Virtual Celebration 

If you’re opting out of the traditional baby shower, you can always hold a virtual celebration. Digital events are popular because they let you connect with everyone who loves your baby. Even if your family lives far away, you can set up your virtual activity in many ways. Some parents decide to give the registry link at the time of the online party. That way, there’s no pressure on behalf of attendees but they still get a chance to give something to the child.  

You can make your virtual event as formal or casual as you would like. Feel free to send digital invitations like the ones you would give for a baby shower. You can also use the custom URL you made so you can text or email a link. 

If you plan on having your party via video chat, take some time to create a lively backdrop. Even though you’ll be on the computer, wear something that makes you feel special. If you’re interested, you can ask everyone to bring their own snacks or beverages to make it feel like it’s happening in person. Consider bringing everyone together with a brain teaser activity or a baby shower game. Loved ones can still guess the age of the parents or play baby bingo together. 

Before the end of the party, you can remind your loved ones about how to shop for baby girl or baby boy clothes. Many software services will allow you to share your screen, so you can offer the link to family members. Include items that everyone can enjoy buying, like toys or baby blankets. Seasonal items like baby swimwear and baby jackets are always adorable and fun to browse on the Internet. 

Some families want to give their digital partygoers a souvenir. Since you can’t see them in person, you can send them a parting gift in the mail. A personalized mouse pad or case for their earbuds will go with the tech theme. They’ll also help them to remember the day of the shower or other important information like the baby’s due date. If you want to stay with the online theme, you can send gift cards by text or email. An electronic voucher is a cute way to promise exclusive digital access to baby pictures. 

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4. Have a Special Dinner or Brunch 

Everyone has a busy schedule, so it’s nice to get loved ones together for a meal. A special dinner or brunch is a fun way to celebrate your baby, all while bonding with friends and family. While you’re breaking bread together, you can announce your baby registry. Leave a small colorful card on your guests’ napkins with a thank you for attending and a link to the page. If you would rather make a verbal announcement, tell everyone about it during dessert or appetizers. Be sure to follow up with a text message or an email so everyone can easily find it. 

Now that you have ideas for the registry out of the way, there are many approaches to making the occasion unique and memorable. For an intimate family event, have the meal catered to your home. Play your favorite music and take advantage of the space by displaying the cutest photos of the parents as infants. Enjoy ice cream cones or mocktails on your patio. Feel like a kid again when you blow bubbles in the backyard with wands featuring colors to celebrate your baby boy or girl. 

Another idea is to have brunch or dinner at a restaurant. Make reservations for your favorite place or go somewhere exciting that you’ve never been before. Many establishments will let you reserve an entire room for a small fee. You may even be able to use the space for free if you order food and drinks. Ask someone to take a photo of everyone together. For one, it’ll make a heartfelt gift for the attendees. As a bonus, your child will be able to see it later. As they look at everyone in the photo, they’ll know how many people care for them. 

5. Schedule a Party for Later 

Some families prefer to have a party after the baby is born. The gathering may be referred to as a sip and see, but it is always more casual than a traditional baby shower. It’s typical to serve snacks and drinks, but you don’t have to worry about a big meal or a formal dinner. If you’d like something other than appetizers, your loved ones can bring food and do things potluck style. 

During a sip and see, friends and family will visit with the baby and socialize. Loved ones are welcome to bring gifts, but it’s not required. If you announce your baby registry with your invite to the sip and see, you offer flexibility in when to give a present. At the same time, you’ll give everyone something to look forward to. 

When you design the invites, include information about the event along with a link to the registry. People can send gifts to your home or wait until the day of the celebration. Another benefit of the sip and see is that it allows you to get baby clothes in different sizes. Consider adding clothing for the first six months to your registry just in case someone brings gifts to the party. By the time you hold the event, your little one will be out of newborn clothing. They may even have graduated out of 0-3M sizes.  

If you’d like, you can specify which items are for the first few months of your baby’s life, as well as which baby clothing and accessories are for later. This will help to ensure that you get your essential newborn items but don’t get a bunch of repeat supplies. If you see people at the sip and see who gave you presents at the time of the baby’s birth, be sure to say thank you. You can also recognize some of the loved ones who bring items to the party. 

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6. Send an Email Greeting 

An email greeting is an easy and effective way to send information to everyone you know. After all, everyone has experience with sending this type of communication. It’s easy to design a colorful, streamlined announcement within the body of your email client. You can also choose to get more creative with email templates or digital newsletter services. 

To send an email announcement for your baby registry, make a list of the friends and family members who are interested in the information. Add them to your email or import the list into your newsletter app. Next, choose your template or develop the look of your greeting. You can include colors for a baby boy or baby girl. You can also make it a seasonal theme or match your favorite shades for baby clothes. 

Write information about your baby registry and any information you would like your family to know about upcoming events or celebrations. You should also leave a reminder about the baby’s due date. Include the link to the registry or let your loved ones know about your favorite baby stores. Don’t forget to finish the message with a heartfelt thank you. Save the email list so you can send baby photos later!  

Announcing Your Baby Registry in Style  

Whether you plan on gathering your friends or want to keep things low-key, you’ll love these ideas for announcing your registry. All the options are creative and tactful, so you can set things up guilt-free. If you’re digitally savvy, a custom URL or blog makes sense for keeping communication simple. A virtual celebration is an excellent idea for big families, while a meal together is sure to keep things casual and fun. There is no right or wrong way to announce your registry if it makes sense to you and helps celebrate your baby! 

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