15 Holiday Gift Ideas for New Parents

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The holidays are a special time of year when families and friends get together to celebrate. For new parents, the magic of the season is amplified as they experience all its joys for the first time with their little ones. New parents get to experience all sorts of magical moments, from seeing Santa Claus at the mall to dressing their little ones in adorable holiday clothes.

For anyone with a new parent in their life, whether a close friend or family member, you get the opportunity to help make those memories. It is a time for giving, celebrating life’s joys and enjoying all that the season has to offer. But when it comes to finding a gift for new parents, where do you begin?

At Gerber Childrenswear, we understand that it’s important to help make the holiday season especially memorable for new parents. If you are looking for the perfect gift to give the new parent or new parents in your life, then look no further. From blankets to baby shoes, here are 15 holiday gift ideas for new parents.

A colorful drawer filled with clothes and toys, creating a playful and organized space for little ones.

1. Baby Clothes

It might be obvious even if you’re not a parent, but babies grow quickly. One of the realities new parents face is that the clothes their baby was wearing less than a month ago might not fit them today. New parents can never have too many clothes for their baby, and receiving clothing as a holiday gift is always appreciated.

Gerber® Onesies® bodysuits, sleepers and rompers are always welcome gifts. Babies go through many outfits in a day, from spit-ups to diaper leaks and blowouts. It’s always good to have a few extra bodysuits on hand, especially during the holiday season.

Baby Boy Clothes

When it comes to baby boy clothes, you can never go wrong with blue or gray. Choose from a delightful array of outfits with patterns and fun characters like dinosaurs, wild animals — lions, tigers and bears — and cuddly puppies. Camouflage or striped Sleep ’N Play pajamas are great choices for those chilly winter months.

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Baby Girl Clothes

When it comes to baby girl clothes, your options in shades of pink and purple are just about endless. There are  several adorable dresses and bloomers or a warm set of footed pajamas you can find that will keep the darling little princess warm and snug for the entire holiday season.

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A lavish heap of blankets in opulent shades of pink, blue, and white, exuding an aura of comfort and tranquility.

2. Baby Blankets

There’s nothing quite like snuggling up with a soft, cozy blanket. Baby blankets are must-have items for new parents. They can be used for everything from a nap to tummy time, cuddling up and watching a holiday movie. Gerber Childrenswear has a wide variety of baby blankets, including the Flannel Receiving Blanket, the Lullaby Blanket and the SwaddleMe Cotton Knit Blanket.


A serene infant nestled on a plush bed, accompanied by a cuddly teddy bear, exuding an aura of innocence and tranquility.

3. Baby Toys

Quality playtime is essential for every developing baby. Toys can help babies develop their motor skills and learn about their environment. They also provide an opportunity for parents and babies to bond and have some fun together. You can never go wrong with a few classic baby toys, like a soft rattle or a plush toy. But if you’re looking for something more unique, consider a building-block set or a shape sorter.

A lavish baby changing table, draped in a sophisticated blue and white striped towel, evoking a sense of refinement and tranquility.

4. Baby Bathtime Essentials

Bathtime is one of the best times of the day for both babies and parents. It’s a chance for new parents to relax and bond with their little ones. It’s also a great opportunity to get them clean! A few essentials for any baby bathtime are a quality baby wash, a soft washcloth and a cute and snuggly hooded towel.

Luxurious white towels neatly arranged in a basket, adding a touch of elegance to a cozy baby changing pad..

5. Diapering Essentials

There’s no getting around it — babies go through a lot of diapers. A holiday gift that any new parent will appreciate is a box (or two) of diapers. But why stop there? You can also include other diapering essentials like wipes, ointments and diaper rash creams. If the new parents in your life don’t have a good way to dispose of diapers,  one of the best practical gifts you can give them is a diaper pail or something similar.

6. Baby Carriers

Baby carriers are a must-have for new parents. They allow new parents to keep their baby close while still leaving their hands free to get things done. And they’re great for bonding, too. New parents often already have a baby carrier, so make sure that a baby carrier is on the parents’ wish list before you go out and pick up a special new model. If the new parents in your life do not have a baby carrier, chances are that this will be a very welcome gift.

A caring woman assists a baby in a stroller, ensuring their safety and comfort.

7. Strollers

Another great gift for new parents is a quality baby stroller. A stroller is a must-have for any parent who wants to get out and about with their baby. There are so many different types and styles to choose from, so you can find one that’s a perfect fit. As with clothes, babies grow rapidly and will grow out of their infant stroller soon. Consider helping the new parents in your life to plan a stroller that can adapt and adjust to their growing baby.

8. Play Yards

Playtime is vital for growing babies, so play yards will be an essential gift. Play yards will be a great way for new parents to create a safe space for their baby to play. What is great about play yards is that they can be used indoors or outdoors, and they come in various different sizes and styles: plastic or wood. You can even find play yards with attached bassinets, which are great for napping babies.

9. Baby Monitors

Baby monitors give new parents peace of mind. These devices allow parents to keep an eye on their little ones even when they’re in another room. With today’s technology, there are so many different types of baby monitors available. You can find monitors that stream live video, monitors that record video, and even monitors that send alerts to your phone if your baby is crying.

10. Breastfeeding Essentials

For new breastfeeding mothers, there are a few essentials that can make the experience more comfortable and convenient. A good breast pump, a hands-free pumping bra and a nursing cover are all great gifts for any breastfeeding mother. As with any gift, it’s important to know whether the new mom is breastfeeding because not all moms choose to breastfeed. It’s also important to know how long she plans to continue breastfeeding. So, if you’re unsure whether the mother is breastfeeding, then it’s best to err on the side of caution.

11. Keepsake Holiday Ornament

One of the best things about the holidays is decorating the Christmas tree. What better way to commemorate a baby’s first holiday than with a special keepsake ornament? There are so many different types, ranging in all sorts of sizes and cuteness. You’ll have no problem finding one that’s perfect for the new parents in your life.

12. Photo Book or Photo Calendar

New parents love taking pictures of their new bundles of joy, but they might not have the time or the energy to turn those memorable photos into a photo book or a photo calendar. Consider doing that for them as a holiday gift. All you need is a few of their favorite photos (or photos that you’ve taken on your own) and your creative ideas. Then, you can make a photo book or calendar that they’ll treasure for years to come.

13. Custom-Made Gifts

There are so many talented artists and crafters who make custom-made gifts. What better way to show the new parents in your life how much you care than by giving them a unique and one-of-a-kind gift that’s been made just for them? You can find custom-made gifts for just about anything, from clothes and jewelry to home decor and art.

A lavish wreath adorned with dainty baby shoes and delicate pine cones, exuding an air of elegance and charm.

14. Baby Shoes

Something else you can consider when thinking about how you might delight the new parents in your life is to look for a cute pair of baby shoes. They’re not only adorable and stylish, but they’re also a practical necessity. Whether the little ones are walking or crawling, shoes are always a welcome accessory. Just be sure to get the right size because babies grow quickly!

15. Food Delivery Service or Restaurant Gift Card

New parents are often so busy taking care of their new baby that they don’t have a lot of time or energy to prepare meals at home. A restaurant gift card or a food delivery service is a great way to help them out. That way, they can have a nice meal without worrying about cooking or cleaning up. Better yet, if you know that the new parents in your life love a specific restaurant or a certain meal, bring the food over yourself or prepare a meal for them.

Final Thoughts

The holidays are such a special time. There are many great gift ideas for new parents, whether you have experienced the joys of your first holiday season with a new baby or you know what it is like to receive that truly memorable gift. No matter what you choose to give, the most important thing is that it comes from the heart.


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