Heat Awareness and Sun Safety Tips for Parents

Is your family ready for fun in the sun? Now is the perfect time for parents to brush up on summer heat safety tips. In honor of May’s National Heat Awareness Day and National Safe Sun Week, we’ll dive into how to keep little ones comfortable and protect them from the sun’s rays. With some planning and preparation, everyone in your family can enjoy the great outdoors safely.

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Choose Appropriate Clothing

If you’re wondering, “What should I dress my baby in when it’s hot outside?” Look for lightweight, breathable fabrics. Choose childrenswear offering sun protection and comfort, like clothing made with cotton material. Cotton circulates air around your child’s body, keeping your baby cool and comfy. 

Short and long-sleeved Onesies® Brand bodysuits feature a treasure trove of vibrant spring colors and fun summer patterns! Many styles are made from 100% soft cotton or feature spandex for a comfortable stretch. Baby bodysuits feel light and pleasant on your child’s skin, even in warm weather. Long-sleeved bodysuit styles can help protect arms from the sun, while short-sleeved bodysuits are perfect for days in the shade. 

How do I keep my toddler cool in the summer? Let them explore in cotton shorts, a lightweight top, and a protective UPF hat. You could even leave their legs bare, showcasing a cute bodysuit for an easy and adorable look. If you’re shopping for especially stylish and lightweight summer baby clothes, try a hooded cotton gauze romper for toddlers or babies featuring a tropical print for a breezy look. Our swimwear is made with specialized fabric is designed to block UV rays and even helps reduce skin irritation.

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Stay Sun Safe: Shop Sun Protection Essentials Now!

Sun Protection Essentials

Protect your kids from the sun with seasonal accessories and sun protection gear. Toddler accessories like printed UPF fabric hats and brightly colored toddler sunglasses are stylish and useful for blocking UV rays and keeping cool. The pediatricians at HealthyChildren.org have useful recommendations for spending time outdoors, including keeping children under six months of age out of direct sunlight. If it’s impossible to stay out of the sun, apply sunscreen to small body areas and use protective accessories and clothing.

Pediatricians recommend babies and toddlers over six months of age wear sunscreen when not in the shade. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen product that blocks UVA and UVB rays, with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15. Apply sunscreen 15 to 30 minutes before sun exposure, ensuring the product is rubbed completely. Then, reapply every two hours or after activities that may wash sunscreen off the skin. Ask your child’s pediatrician if you have any questions about sunscreen or sun protection. 

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Stay Hydrated

Sun protection is critically important, but it’s also essential for babies and toddlers to stay hydrated. The American Academy of Pediatrics created hydration guidelines for children so you can ensure your child is getting adequate fluid intake. Ask your child’s pediatrician if you have hydration questions, but children may need to drink more water than usual when they’re spending time outdoors. Keep water bottles handy and know the signs of dehydration so you can rehydrate or seek medical advice. 

Creating Shade and Cool Spaces 

The priority is to learn how to keep the baby cool in the summer. Why not create shady spots wherever you go? This tip is especially helpful for babies under six months of age who need to stay out of direct sunlight to stay healthy and comfortable. Portable umbrellas offer shade if you’re having a picnic or tummy time.

Electric and battery-powered fans offer a cool breeze in hot and humid weather. Handheld fans can also be used if you aren’t close to home. Pick places like tree-lined parks or outdoor gazebos to keep temperatures down and avoid overheating. If your baby or toddler feels too hot, switch to a cooler and more comfortable location.

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Take a Break 

Sometimes, it’s just too hot or sunny to be outdoors. Take a break if you see signs of sunburn developing or if everyone feels too warm. Nap indoors or take a break inside for a snack! Air conditioning can help keep your child cool after spending time outside. 

With these tips, your family can make the warmer months more comfortable. Soft and protective childrenswear makes exploring outside more fun. Take your favorite UPF accessories and cotton clothes on a park trip or vacation. Stylish bodysuits and outfits will help you snap adorable photos!

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