Getting Started: Gender-Neutral Nursery Ideas and Inspiration

Baby nursery with cloud wallpaper, white crib, and plain wooden rocking horse

These days, gender-neutral baby clothes and décor are more popular than ever. Unisex garments like sleepwear and the dynamic Gerber® Onesies® bodysuits make it simple to dress baby and create an adorable outfit. Unisex baby rooms and nurseries are also on-trend. It is no surprise that parents are discovering the advantages of a gender-neutral theme for their infant. Going gender-neutral can help to make your baby’s room stand out, among other benefits. 

If you are beginning to plan for your child’s room and need some unique gender-neutral nursery ideas, we have you covered. This guide has everything you need to know about the advantages of unisex décor, as well as how to choose attractive themes and colors. Learn the basics of interior design for gender-neutral baby rooms, as well as how to effortlessly create an unforgettable room for your baby. 

The Biggest Benefits of a Gender-Neutral Nursery 

First, decide whether a gender-neutral baby room is right for you and your family. Carefully consider the advantages of a unisex theme. Parents may choose to design a gender-neutral nursery because: 

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  • It is flexible enough for growing families: If you are thinking about having more kids anytime soon, a unisex nursery lets you keep your functional choices and décor options flexible. Whether you have a child of another gender or you move your older baby to a different room, your nursery will stay stylish without needing a makeover or breaking your budget. 
  • It fits multiples: For twins or multiples of different genders, a unisex nursery is a perfect compromise. Neutral colors allow parents to accommodate both kids while incorporating their unique personalities as they see fit. 
  • It makes it easy to choose furniture and bedding: With neutral colors on the walls and floors, you can easily switch the furniture style or go with a different type of baby bedding. New accent chairs, crib sheets and blankets can add a pop of vibrant color. 
  • It gives you time to decide on décor: Your little one may spend years sleeping and playing in the same room. If you prefer to take your time with nursery décor or want to add more pieces later, a neutral theme provides you with plenty of freedom to adjust. 
  • It helps your child explore their world: Some parents want to give their children every opportunity to discover their world on their own. A unisex theme allows your baby to find their favorite colors, prints and patterns. Soon, their feedback can help you to choose the décor that makes them feel imaginative and playful. 

Besides these distinct benefits for your baby, there are many other practical reasons why a gender-neutral theme makes sense. Some parents like to have neutral colors throughout their home, while others find that unisex themes lend themselves to their personality and style. Every family is unique, which means that a neutral nursery can be its blank canvas. 

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How to Start Designing a Gender-Neutral Room for Your Baby  

If a gender-neutral room seems right for your baby, begin here with a few introductory design tips. While there is no right or wrong way to create a unisex nursery, here’s some interior décor advice to start the inspiration flowing. There are a few ways to begin designing your baby’s room: 

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  • Pick a color: Neutral colors may seem basic, but they are anything but ordinary. There are hundreds of interior paints available to you. If you need a place to get started, common neutral color families include shades of white, black and gray. You will also find plenty of options in beige or taupe. These hues can be combined with earth tones, a bold paint color or a chromatic shade to make one wall or focal point of the nursery stand out. Check your local hardware store or home improvement store for quality paint swatches. Furniture stores and baby shops sell more neutral pieces than ever. 
  • Start with a theme: The main color or a three-color palette is an excellent place to start, but you can also choose to begin with a gender-neutral theme. Some parents like to think of the big picture first, which helps them to pick out the details. Do not be afraid to mix and match themes that go together. Today’s nursery styles allow you to be fluid, creative and playful. 
  • Incorporate patterns and abstracts: Geometric patterns and stripes are excellent patterns for a baby’s room. You can also invest in abstract art. Steer clear of gaudy details, florals and glamorous prints, which will add too much glamour for a neutral theme. 
  • Add some texture: A room decorated in gender-neutral colors will come alive with a bit of texture. Knit pillows, plush blankets and chunky rugs are examples of accents that can add warmth and personality in all of the right places. Soft and textured unisex baby bedding and décor will also help to make the room feel comfy. 

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The above points will help you to design your initial theme. You can always add more décor details later. 

Furnished nursery with crib, chair, and dresser and assorted toys

How to Pick a Neutral Color Scheme 

One of the best ways to choose a neutral color scheme is to look at a palette of neutral paint colors. If you need a good place to start, shades of gray are both on-trend and stylish. While grays lend themselves to a variety of themes, they also tend to brighten a room while keeping it looking clean and fresh. 

Beige adds warmth to nursery rooms and looks beautiful when paired with décor in cream or white. Many gray and beige paints feature green and blue tones that help to add a soothing, comforting feel. Another idea is to paint the walls a shade of white to draw attention to a mural, paneling or wallpaper. 

If you are interested in trendy color combinations, check out a few three-color palettes featuring popular neutrals. Light blue, gray and white look dreamy in any baby nursery. A blue-gray paint combined with black furniture and either silver or gold accents and fixtures will look regal while still staying with the unisex theme. 

Black, white and beige is a classic color combination that adds a bold feel and a fresh style for girls and boys. Or choose a couple of shades of gray to complement wood furniture and floors. An earth tone like clay or terracotta will warm up neutrals like black, gray or white. Use it as an accent color or as the inspiration for your baby room theme. 

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How to Choose a Unique Unisex Nursery Theme

If having a theme helps you put your nursery together, there are many ways you can go about choosing one. Brainstorm some of the patterns, animals or nature scenes that go with your favorite neutral colors. Another idea is to think back to when you were a little one. What brought joy and inspiration to your childhood? Incorporate some of the images and scenes that you would like to share with your infant. 

Consider the personality of your home. If your interior is traditional or contemporary, select a theme of the same style. Some houses have details like brick walls or wood paneling that add character to every room. Drawing from these unique accents can help you to find a theme that fits. 

Take something that has been done before and give it an updated spin. Some of the most popular and dynamic unisex nursery themes are nature scenes like forests, mountain regions and the beach. You can also go with a cute animal motif. Bears, tigers and dinosaurs are beloved by all genders. Other unique animal ideas include sea creatures, farm animals and owls. A boho or eclectic theme makes it easy to decorate around neutral colors. It also makes the room feel more dreamy and peaceful. 

The Most Adorable and Interesting Nursery Theme Ideas 

Now you know more about some of the most popular theme ideas, as well as the best ways to inspire a design of your own. While you are sure to have ideas flowing through your head, we also took the time to gather unforgettable gender-neutral nursery themes that can help you to quickly create a cute room. 

nature-themed nursery with crib and trees. text on image reads "Adorable and Interesting Nursery Theme Ideas"

The following unisex nursery theme ideas will help you to find the paint colors, furniture and baby bedding that you need in no time. Since these suggestions are spin-offs of common gender-neutral motifs for babies, you are sure to have a design that is different from that of your friends or family. A few of our best gender-neutral nursery theme ideas include: 

  • The Style of Music: If your household loves to jam, consider a gender-neutral nursery centered around music. Get inspired by an instrument, genre or favorite band. A fresh coat of white or gray paint will create a light and airy feel. Dark gray, black and light blue shades are also perfect for this style of room. Add artwork featuring electric guitars, classical instruments or album covers. Accent with light wood décor and a thick rug or set of blankets. Consider including a favorite instrument in the room, like on a wall shelf or in the corner on a stand. 
  • Under the Sea: Lots of unisex themes focus on one animal, but you can certainly create a more dynamic scene featuring multiple adorable creatures. An “under the sea” theme gives you the freedom to add murals, artwork or plush animals featuring sharks, fish and ocean birds. Incorporate whales, octopi or dolphins. Some of the more beautiful and interesting sea animals, like stingrays and sea lions, are often underrepresented in a gender-neutral nursery theme. Think about these unique creations to create a baby’s room that you will not see in anyone else’s home. 
  • Fruit Bowl: Gender-neutral rooms can still have tons of personality. Creating a “fruit bowl” nursery will let you celebrate color as well as a healthy lifestyle. Begin with white or beige walls and then it is time to fill up your fruit bowl. Oranges, limes and watermelon are both vibrant and gender-neutral. Other ideas for fruits to feature include bananas, lemons and strawberries. Hang framed artwork featuring different types of produce or put colorful wallpaper on an accent wall. Include plush fruit toys, rugs featuring berries or citrus and blankets with fruit on them. 
  • Plant Life: A theme featuring plants allows you to incorporate richer earth tones into your gender-neutral nursery. Brown, green and clay are a few of the shades that you can add to your neutral color palette. Focus on trees, edible herbs or tropical plants. Artwork, faux plants and eclectic woven shades or baskets can make it feel like you are in the middle of a garden or forest. 
  • Around the Globe: Inspire your little traveler with an “around the world” theme. Hang a map on the wall and put a small globe on your baby’s bookshelf. Find a sign that tells you how far it is to some of the top international destinations. Or incorporate souvenirs from your favorite places. 
  • Celebrate Your City: If you are proud of where you live, include some of the most important sights of your town or neighborhood. Hang a map on the wall featuring your city streets. You can also include old historical photographs that show you what it was like to live in your town ages ago. If you live near beautiful natural surroundings, create a theme that looks like the nearby mountains or desert. You can also paint a mural featuring the city skyline. 
  • Rich Hues: When you prefer to draw your inspiration solely from texture and color, think about going bold. White, light gray and seafoam green are some of the most popular hues in both unisex baby clothes and nursery paint colors, but they are definitely on the lighter side. Darker shades like black and slate can create a beautifully dramatic room that feels both opulent and cozy. Finish the nursery with rich mahogany and ebony woods that add instant warmth. 

scandinavian newborn baby room with cloud and animal decorations

Enjoy the Journey of Creating Your Baby Nursery 

There are many choices when it comes to creating a baby nursery. Remember to always have fun with the process. You cannot design your baby’s room “wrong.” Love is all you need to create the perfect theme. As you finish up the space, consider adding a few pieces that are meaningful to you and your family. An heirloom or souvenir from you and your partner’s travels could be the perfect accent item for your baby. 




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