4 Fall Baby Photoshoot Ideas to Inspire You This Season

4 Fall Baby Photoshoot Ideas to Inspire You This Season

Fall is a fantastic time to take baby photos. The mild weather, autumnal scenery and adorable seasonal baby clothes make for excellent pictures. Inspire your session with the latest fashion tips and fall baby photoshoot ideas. There are so many options for cute costumes, baby girl dresses and cozy cardigans that you are sure to discover unique ideas for the perfect photographs. A fall photo session takes a little planning, but it is also a lot of fun. Read over this guide as you finalize the details, so you can feel more festive and confident when the shoot arrives!

1. Celebration of Autumn 

During fall, let nature be your backdrop. Look for a picturesque outdoor setting, such as a walking trail or a public park. If it is better for your baby, have the photoshoot in your backyard. Choose an area in your garden or a convenient corner adorned with fun fall props. 

Focus on the outdoor areas that showcase the treasures of the fall season. A forest full of colorful trees or a pile of raked leaves makes for vibrant and inspired settings for your child. Place your baby on a plaid blanket or a bale of hay. Or, set them on a wood pallet with small pumpkins, vibrant red apples or wooden trucks. 

Celebration of Autumn

There are many ways to dress your baby for a general fall photoshoot, but here are a few items to consider. First, think about the look of your baby clothing. Neutral colors are an excellent choice for infant photos because they put all of the focus back on your precious child. Cream, warm gray and beige will work wonderfully for fall baby photos. When your child is wearing an ivory bodysuit or a camel-colored dress, it will also be easier to see the vibrancy of the leaves, trees and autumnal props around them. 

Accessorize neutral baby clothing with soft booties, baby shoes or hair accessories. Layer long sleeve bodysuits and overalls with sweaters, hoodies and cardigans in colors like peach, squash or brass. Textured baby clothing adds subtle personality to your fall photos. A thick knit jacket, corduroy bottoms or denim clothing are all eye-catching and effortless. Other ideas for fall prints include flannel and plaid. Avoid patterns that are too heavy or busy, as they will tend to take away from the natural scene (and the baby’s face). 

Spooky Halloween Party

2. Halloween Party 

There is nothing cuter than seeing your baby dressed up in an enchanting Halloween costume! A great outfit also makes it easy to use the costume for trick-or-treat outfits. First, decide if your baby will be showcased in the photos alone, or if you are taking pictures together as a family. Narrow down the ideas for a baby costume or choose a family theme. Once you decide whether you want to dress your baby as an athlete, a superhero or some other kind of cute character, you can begin to build the ideal outfit, backdrop and setting. 

It is easy to design a fun, spooky background at home or in your backyard. Hang gauze-type material made to look like spiderwebs and then place your baby down in their costume on a dark blanket. A spooky mini graveyard complete with foam headstones makes for interesting scenery. Another way to theme your environment is to make it match your costumes. Princess or dragon costumes look magical in a grassy field or next to a painted wooden castle. Lumberjack outfits belong at a tree farm or in the middle of a forest. 

For a truly unforgettable outfit, try creating your very own baby Halloween outfit. Even for busy parents, doing this has many benefits. First, you will ensure that your baby’s garments are soft, comfortable and of the highest quality. DIY with our solid Gerber® Onesies® bodysuits or use them as a foundation for your entire costume. Our list of DIY baby Halloween costumes is completely “no-sew,” making them easy for parents to put together. Some of our favorite ways to dress up our solid bodysuits include the little witch, the baby bear and the tiny farmer. Purchase easy separates and inexpensive props to create a costume that is perfect for your photoshoot and festivities. 

Our collection of NFL baby clothes makes it possible to create fast and fun Halloween costumes that everyone will cheer for. Dress your baby as your favorite quarterback or wide receiver in their team’s logo and colors. With our football-themed bodysuits and baby sleepwear, you can even dress them up as a spirited cheerleader, a super fan or a head coach! Use props and accessories to make the clothing your own.

DIY a Costume with Solid Bodysuits

Baby with hat on laying on down and text saying "Thankful for Family"

3. Thankful for Family 

Many families like to take pictures of their babies for Thanksgiving. A “grateful” or “thankful” theme makes for great cards for loved ones, neighbors and friends. Turkey Day is also a time when parents can find time to dress up their babies and take photos with extended family. If you are shopping for the perfect outfit for a Thanksgiving-themed photoshoot, look no further! There are so many ways you can use baby boy or baby girl clothing to commemorate such a special holiday. 

A classic Thanksgiving photoshoot embraces the themes of the season. Use bodysuits, long sleeve baby tops or cozy bottoms to create a turkey outfit. There are plenty of black and brown solid Gerber® Onesies® bodysuits available in our shop. Accessorize them with matching pants, caps and baby shoes. Glue or sew felt shapes to beanies, hats or hoodies to create adorable and colorful turkey tails. Sit your baby on a blanket in the grass with a Thanksgiving dinner table in the background. You can also position them in a chair at the table, sit them in a high chair or let them frolic through a field like a wild bird!  

Another way to dress your infant for a Thanksgiving shoot is to dress them in NFL baby clothes. Their backdrop could be a couch in your living room, a yard made to look like a football field or a large cloth banner that reads “Happy Thanksgiving.” If you would like your baby to wear formal clothes for a nice dinner and a picture, there are so many tops, bottoms and dresses in cozy materials and festive fall colors. Match a sweet and textured long sleeve tutu dress with leggings, caps or socks for an adorable, cozy outfit. Or choose a plush long sleeve bodysuit in autumn stripes or a woodland print and then pair it with soft bottoms in a solid color. Accessorize with a sweater, jacket or cute set of hair clips. 

Baby boys will look festive and handsome in neutral-colored slacks or denim jeans with suspenders or a matching flannel shirt. Other ideas include collared shirts in autumn hues or neutral colors. Caps, mittens and bow ties make for adorable accessories for a Thanksgiving shoot. For a more cozy, comfy outfit, there are plenty of fall-themed baby boy clothes perfect for pictures, like tops and bodysuits in animal prints and autumnal colors. 

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4. Pumpkin Patch 

The pumpkin patch is one of the most popular and beloved scenes for fall baby photos. While you shop for a few pumpkins and enjoy harvest food and crafts, you can also find a picturesque spot to snap a few pictures. For parents who do not have a pumpkin patch nearby, check your community calendar. Many cities and towns hold fall harvest festivals or have a farm that transforms into an autumnal destination for children and parents. 

Various photos of babies in the fall and text reading "Pumpkin Patch"

It is even possible to create a patch at home or in your yard. Gather a few bales of hay and a few pumpkins to set the scene. If you cannot sit on top of the hay, try a blanket or a park bench. Complement these essential harvest props with items like scarecrows, barrels or colorful ears of harvest corn.  

Now that you have your setting, it is time to dress your baby in cozy clothes. Baby girls will look adorable in a flowing dress in fall colors. Add matching leggings, tights or a warm sweater. She will also look cute in denim and flannel. For a trendy fall outfit for your baby girl, begin with a bodysuit in a neutral color. Pair the top with bottoms in contrasting autumn colors and then accessorize with a long matching sweater and a pair of fall boots. A cap or headband will complete the look. 

Dress your baby boy for the pumpkin patch in stretchy denim jeans or a pair of overalls. A flannel shirt or fall bodysuit will help to keep your boy looking stylish and feeling warm. Other casual and cute ideas for the little guys include cozy fall sweaters with a collared shirt underneath. Beige or brown bottoms and a stylish cap will help to set the scene. Newborn babies can be wrapped in a neutral-colored swaddle blanket and an orange cap and then placed next to a few pumpkins or haystacks for an adorable, easy setup. Both baby boys and baby girls will look adorable in our new fall collection!

Since you may be sharing your space at the pumpkin patch with others, it helps to do your research. Ask about non-peak hours and then schedule your pictures at a time when there will be smaller crowds. While you will get your favorite spot, you are less likely to spend time having to soothe or calm your baby from loud noises or distractions. 

Small child wearing fall pajamas sitting on a white couch.

How to Best Prepare for Your Baby’s Fall Photo Session 

Now that you know how to choose the right setting and the perfect outfit for your photoshoot, there are a few other tips that will make for an easier experience. Follow these tips for the best pictures for you and your child: 

  • Plan the shoot ahead of time: It is always best to plan with a baby. Set a time with your photographer so you can best schedule your day while still having enough time dedicated to your shoot. Avoid scheduling pictures too close to nap time, which could leave your baby feeling cranky. 
  • Talk to your photographer: When hiring a professional baby photographer, give them as much information as possible about your preferred costumes and settings. They will keep this in mind as they plan the shoot for your family. If your photographer is a friend or family member, work with them to create picture concepts ahead of time. Express your expectations — and your thanks.  
  • Make a supply list: Write down all of the baby supplies, infant clothing and costume accessories you will need to take with you. Pack them in bags and then check off each of the items before you get in the car or head to the photoshoot. 
  • Feed and change the baby: Feed your baby and give them a new diaper right before your photoshoot. A well-fed, well-rested and clean baby will behave better for picture sessions. They may also give you that precious smile you are looking for! 
  • Bring backup props and clothing: Parents can always expect the unexpected! Photo props can break, while blowouts and messes can easily occur during a session. Consider bringing a backup costume, outfit or set of toys so you can continue even if something changes. 

Creating an Unforgettable Fall Photoshoot for Your Baby 

It takes some effort to get ready for your baby’s photoshoot, but the planning is well worth it. The photos you take will be precious to your family for years to come. You may also discover that you have excellent pictures for a family card or baby announcement. As you snap your photos, take a few extra minutes to slow down and enjoy the moment. Your child will only be this little for a short time. Pictures make lasting memories of the joy and bounty of the autumn season. Someday, you and your baby will love looking back at the fun settings and cute fall costumes! 

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