Easter Basket Essentials for Babies and Toddlers

One of the joys of parenting is getting to celebrate holidays and changing seasons with your little one. The excitement of an Easter egg hunt or picking through a basket full of goodies are two experiences often looked forward to with great anticipation. But if you don’t want to load your little one up on sugary treats, what is there to put in your baby or toddler’s Easter basket? We’ve got you covered with some great ideas!

    Baby Bunny Crinkle Toy

      Babies love playing with soft crinkle toys that promote exploration and spark curiosity. The unique sound and soft feel will engage your baby’s attention, and what could be more perfect for Easter than a bunny toy? And if you're looking for something a little different, there are plenty more toys to explore as well!

      Baby girl in soft yellow outfit playing with fuzzy, soft purple bunny toy

        Baby Girls Pink Bunny Shoes

          There’s simply no better way to top off a baby girl or toddler girl Easter outfit than with our adorable bunny shoes. Designed with easy on/off features and a comfortable outsole, you all your little one will adore them. And while these shoes will be perfect for Easter, they’ll be adorable and spring and summer long.  

            Baby Honey Buttery Soft Viscose Made from Eucalyptus Snug Fit Romper

              Spring is the time for bold colors! This environmentally friendly, extremely soft honey yellow romper is perfect for 'round-the-clock wear. Made predominately from eucalyptus blended with spandex for a high-quality, lightweight, breathable, durable fabric with the perfect amount of stretch for active babies and toddlers. This infant short sleeve romper has comfy fitting shorts and a front zipper to make changes easy.

              Young African-American baby boy in yellow romper running in field of grass

                Embroidered Baby Girls Vintage Floral Bunny Bath Wrap

                  There is absolutely nothing more adorable than a soft baby or toddler bath wrap with a bunny hood. Your little one will love how cozy it is, and you’ll never get over how cute they are. And best of all, this wrap can be personalized with embroidery.

                    4-Piece Infant & Toddler Neutral Sun Snug Fit Pajamas

                      Let’s face it, comfy pajamas are the best outfit there is. This four-piece baby and toddler pajama set made from soft cotton with yellow suns to celebrate the return of bright days will be their favorite new thing to wear, and we can’t blame them!

                      Toddler girl and baby boy wearing matching yellow sun motif pajamas sitting on couch

                        Baby Bunny Reversible Blanket

                          This reversible baby blanket is the perfect item to snuggle baby up with. Made from a cotton and spandex blend, which is a comfortable and stretchy fabric, it’s super soft with the perfect amount of give, which is great for cuddle time. And since you can never have too many blankets on hand, we have plenty more styles to browse.

                            Baby Bunny Security Blanket

                              There’s nothing quite like a cozy security blanket to make. Our soft baby security blankets are the perfect lovey for newborns and young babies who want to cuddle up close with a soft, comfy friend.

                                binibi "Visiting - Visitando La Granja" Bilingual Sound Book

                                  Your child’s national curiosity makes the toddler years perfect for exploring new languages, and this bilingual sound book is the perfect way to start! Your little one will love exploring new sounds and words in this 5-page, 5-sound book. They’ll have so much fun; they may not even realize they’ll learning! helping them take the first steps toward Spanish-English bilingualism. Vetted by early language development experts, these books are perfect for supporting Spanish learning for kids from an early age.

                                    Infant & Toddler Neutral Striped Gauze Shortall

                                      New clothes are always a great gift idea, especially when they’re designed for play time! Our soft gauze shortalls are the perfect addition to your Easter basket. Cool and breezy in warm weather, they’re easy to layer with a t-shirt for a fast, fun outfit.

                                        Baby Little Lamb WubbaNub® Pacifier

                                          The patented WubbaNub design will be baby’s first, best friend. The unique style of the original WubbaNub Pacifier allows it to remain near baby’s mouth, easy to grasp and nearly impossible to lose.