Does Your Newborn Need Baby Mittens? We Set the Record Straight

If you’re a new mom who is building your baby shower registry, you’re probably wondering what you need to put on your list. Diapers, swaddling blankets and layette clothing such as newborn baby caps and baby mittens are among the most popular gifts for infants and their parents. While you’ll see hundreds of supplies shared on social media and in mom groups, they may not be necessary during the first few months with your child. Thankfully, experienced parents can help you tell the difference between a trendy purchase and a much-needed baby item. 

So, do you need baby mittens to get through the newborn phase? Of course, they’re cute on tiny hands, but they also do much more than complete an outfit. Read this guide to learn more about what makes hand mittens popular—and why you will want them in your nursery before your baby arrives.

What Are Baby Mittens?

Baby mittens are protective mittens for infants. They look a lot like the mittens that adults and older children wear during winter. The ones that you wear are probably made of a material such as wool or fleece, but mittens for babies are usually made out of soft cotton. They’re light and versatile, so infants can wear them while lounging indoors, during their naps or in the car.

Thin strips of elastic line the portion of the mittens near the wrist. This feature is a part of all baby mittens because it keeps them secure over their hands. No matter how much your baby shakes their hands, they won’t fall off or get lost.

You’ll find them in a variety of solid colors, as well as fun and fashionable prints. Baby mittens for boys and girls are available, while gender-neutral colors are perfect for twins and moms who are waiting for their gender reveal until birth. You can get them online, at baby supply stores and in boutique infant clothing shops.

newborn baby lying on floor

Why Do I Need Mittens for My Newborn?

There are several reasons why hand mittens are helpful for newborns and their parents. Babies have sharp fingernails that can easily scratch their skin, especially if they need cutting or filing. Infants also tend to move their hands toward their face in jittery movements as they develop motor skills. These unintentional movements, especially when made close to the face, can easily lead to nicks and cuts. By putting mittens on while your baby takes in sights and sounds, they’ll avoid unnecessary ouches. You’ll also feel more at peace knowing your baby is protected.

According to the medical experts at Healthline, infant hands are also sensitive to temperature changes. They lose body heat more rapidly than older children and adults because their body surface area is disproportionate to their weight. Plus, many newborns don’t have a lot of body fat. A combination of poor insulation and underdeveloped body temperature regulation can make their fingers turn red or even blue. This is true even inside a comfortable home. Mittens will help to warm tiny hands day and night.

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Keeping Baby Safe with Comfortable Mittens

When you choose quality, comfortable hand mittens for your baby, you’ll be more relaxed knowing they’re not injuring their face or feeling too chilly. You’ll also like that your little one is safe, whether you’re out and about on a playdate or relaxing with your family at home. Many moms even add mittens to their hospital bag supply list so their baby can wear them the moment they’re born. If you’re looking for some of the best options for adding to your baby registry, we invite you to explore our collection of baby mittens for boys and girls.

Shop smart basics in greys, neutral browns and all shades of white. You’ll find variety packs that are perfect for baby shower gifts. Choose from classic patterns like stripes and dots or animals like lambs and bears. Parents who want boy mittens can choose from styles featuring tigers, cars and sports. Little girls will look adorable in fashions with hearts, foxes and a princess theme. Complete baby’s first outfit set with cap and mittens sets in the coziest cotton available or dress baby in an adorable onesie from our Onesies® Brand bodysuits. Whichever product you choose, you’ll be keeping your new baby peaceful and protected.

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