DIY Baby Shower Gift: Wiggle-Proof Sock Flower Bouquet

Tired of wrapping the same boxed-up present for an upcoming baby shower? Go the extra mile with this easy DIY flower bouquet made of (adorable) baby socks! For this project, we recommend using our Wiggle-Proof Socks. The stay-on technology ensures these socks remain snuggly in place on even the most active little feet!  

This gift is practical, sustainable and creative. Get started and watch our tutorial video now. 



    • Cut off a square piece of tulle (about 6”x6”) and place at the bottom of the vase. Add more if your spoon stems need more support.
    • Using tape, create a # shape on the top of the vase. This will help keep the flowers from falling over!
    • Cut a long ribbon-like piece from your tulle. Set aside.
    • Place two matching socks together. Fold over one onto the other. Tuck up to form the rose shape.
    • Insert the spoon at the base of the flower.
    • Once all flowers are made, place one-by-one in an open section.
    • Wrap the cut piece of tulle around the vase and tie a bow.

    Ta-Da! Just like that, you created a show-stopper gift for a new mom. Share your bouquet with us on social media by tagging @gerberchildrenswear.

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