DIY Baby Halloween Costumes: 10 No-Sew Costume Ideas 

baby diy costumes no-sew ideas

Baby’s first Halloween is coming fast! If you’re anything like us, you’ve already browsed and brainstormed ideas for DIY baby Halloween costumes. This year, it doesn’t matter if you have a newborn baby or a 10-month-old soon-to-be-toddler—you need to create an outfit that is cute, share-worthy and simple to put together. Since you’re already super busy, sewn costumes are out of the question. 

Don’t get spooked, mama! You don’t need a lot of money or a crafty hand to make your baby stand out this Halloween. All you need are some baby clothing basics and a few creative accessories. Explore our adorable no-sew costume ideas below. Once you find a few you like, take a look inside baby’s closet to see if you already have the items. If you’re missing anything, visit the dollar store or pick up a few affordable pieces from one of your favorite infant clothing shops. Creating your own costume is made especially easy with solid color onesies. No matter how you put the costume together, you’ll be happy to know that each one of these options is more sustainable and budget-friendly than purchasing a costume from a Halloween boutique or big box store! 

1. Tiny Farmer 

You can have your very own Farmer in the Dell this Halloween! The Tiny Farmer costume is perfect for babies of all ages, especially since most of the pieces are must-have infant clothing items. First, grab a white baby bodysuit from your little one’s closet. Layer it under denim overalls and top it off with a small straw hat. A blue or red drool bib makes for a very fitting bandana. If your baby is old enough, you can pull them in a wagon or let them carry a plush farm animal like a horse or a pig. 

tiny farmer clothing and accessories graphic

Many baby stores have novelty teethers that look like tomatoes or ears of corn. If you have the extra money in your budget, you can let your little one take their crops along with them. When the holiday is over and done with, you’ll have a fun new toy for baby to play with. 

2. Baby Witch 

There is nothing cuter than a little witchy poo! It’s also one of the easiest DIY baby girl Halloween costumes. Grab a black dress from baby’s closet or purchase one on sale from a clothing store. Pair it with purple and black striped leggings. If it’s chilly outside, you can add a black long-sleeved bodysuit underneath. Long-sleeved onesies like Onesies® Brand bodysuits are perfect for costumes like the baby witch because they’re comfortable and layer well with other pieces. 

baby witch clothing and accessories graphic

Finish the outfit with the witch’s most important accessories—black patent leather dress shoes or black ballet shoes, a pointy hat and a little broom. If you’d like, you can swap the broom out for a tiny cauldron. It’s not only a fun conversation starter, it’s a great reservoir for holding candy while trick or treating

3. Little Lumberjack 

Your little boy will look handsome and strong in his Little Lumberjack costume. This idea is especially good for families who have their babies in cold weather. Start with a black or red bodysuit and then layer a long-sleeved flannel shirt on top of it. For the bottoms, add a pair of baby jeans with a comfy elastic waist. The shoes can either be infant boots or tan booties. Finish things off with a winter hat or beanie.

little lumberjack clothing and accessories graphic

Some clever moms and dads like to include a fake beard made of yarn or cloth, but the costume still stands on its own without it. Feel free to have mom or dad join in on the fun, too. Since flannel and jeans are so common in almost every closet, you can dress the entire family in matching DIY costumes for free–or close to it. 

4. Young NFL Fan 

By the time Halloween rolls around, football season is in high gear. Your little one will be in the running for costume winner when they debut in their football fan ensemble. Some parents already plan on buying NFL baby apparel in support of their favorite team, which makes it a no-brainer costume idea. If a team bodysuit, cap and pants set wasn’t already on your list, but you’d still love it if baby wore it, consider buying one for trick or treating and parties and then using it on Sundays until he or she grows out of it. 

young nfl fan clothing and accessories graphic

When your baby is decked out in apparel with your favorite team’s colors, logo and mascot, you really don’t need to include anything else. Let’s face it, though—when it comes to costumes, moms love accessories! Let your baby hold a soft football or football teether as they take in the Halloween festivities. While they’ll be entertained, you’ll be complimented for your creativity. 

5. Mini Princess  

If your little girl looks adorable in pink, let her be a princess for a day! Infants always look precious in tutus—and interestingly enough, they seem to really like how one feels between their fingers. All you need is a small, pink tutu, a pink bodysuit and, if you’d like, a set of matching leggings. 

mini princess clothing and accessories graphic

Finish it with comfy ballet slippers. You can also add a princess crown or a crown of flowers. You’ll be dancing when you finish dressing baby in minutes, which gives you more time to put on your costume and head to the party! 

6. Spa Baby 

Does your little one need more chill? They’re ready to be a Spa Baby for Halloween. This one will turn heads, yet it’s so simple to put together. First, dress baby in a basic white short-sleeved or long-sleeved bodysuit. Next, wrap them in an extra plush white bath robe. Place soft white slippers on their feet and give them a small terry cloth burp cloth to hold as their bath towel. 

spa baby clothing and accessories graphic

If your baby is a little older, you may be able to get them to wrap a small towel around their hair, if it’s even just for pictures. Parents of newborns can place their baby in a soft lounger to make it look like they’re relaxing and waiting for their next spa treatment. If you’re a big social sharer—or want photos for your scrapbook—you can bring a few cucumber pieces with you to where you plan to take pictures. Place them next to baby on a light backdrop, which will really make it look like they’re in the middle of a Zen moment. 

7. Little Gym Rat 

There are some little guys and girls who are meant to get us pumped up! The gym rat costume is so fun and so easy. Start with a bodysuit in your favorite color. Think uplifting hues like violet, neon pink or sky blue. Add sweatpants, comfy shorts or leggings. If you want to evoke an ’80s vibe, tiny leg warmers are optional—but encouraged. 

little gym rat clothing and accessories graphic

Let baby go barefoot or have them wear socks and tennis shoes. Complete the look with a sweatband in a bright color. If it’s chilly outside, you can put a windbreaker or hoodie on top. A plush toy or teether made to look like a boombox, dumbbell or a shake makes a great accessory. 

8. Pint-Sized Construction Worker 

Pay homage to those who work hard with a construction worker costume. You really only need four pieces to pull it off. Grab one of your favorite white baby onesies from Onesies® Brand bodysuits, a pair of baby jeans and a yellow hard hat. A plastic yellow hat found at a dollar store or party store will also do. For shoes, you’ll need tan booties, baby boots or sneakers. 

construction worker clothing and accessories graphic

If your baby already has an orange or yellow vest, it may look good as a safety vest on top of the bodysuit. Tiny toy hammers and wrenches also make excellent accessories. Ask dad if he’d like to dress up in a matching costume. All he needs is his own white shirt, jeans and boots. A construction hat is simple to find at party and home improvement stores, while a tool belt makes for a great finishing touch. While you’re having fun getting ready, don’t forget to check the belt’s contents for safety—and just double check that baby can’t reach for anything dangerous. 

9. Baby Bear 

If you like animal costumes, you’ll love dressing your baby up as a bear! While there are plenty of expensive bear outfits online and in stores, it really is cheap and easy to make a cute costume of your own. Start with a brown or black bodysuit. It can be long-sleeved or short-sleeved, depending on the temperature in your area on Halloween night. If you like Onesies® Brand bodysuits, you will love onesies with mitten cuffs, which you can attach brown or black gloves. If you’d like, you can also layer a soft brown or black hoodie, vest or jacket. The furrier, the better! For the bottoms, you’ll need leggings or pants. Booties and soft shoes make for the best bear “feet.” 

baby bear clothing and accessories graphic

Pay attention while you shop. You may come across a hoodie or beanie with bear ears. This makes for the perfect way to keep baby warm and complete the look. Some bodysuits and pajama sets even come with bears and bear prints on them. In some cases, this costume takes a little more planning than some of the others because you’ll need to find a headband with bear ears at a baby store or party store. While these are usually easy to grab at one of your favorite online shops or brick-and-mortar boutiques, you may need one to two weeks to plan ahead. This is especially true if the item is homemade or it’s shipping from across the country. Save yourself time and energy by checking with the brands you already shop with first and then branch out to other stores. 

10. Lil’ Granny/Gramps 

The little granny and gramps costumes aren’t only adorable, they’re also sure to make everyone laugh. This costume is best for older babies, who can tolerate more dressing up and extra accessories to work with. While it may require more pieces to put together, it is a favorite among moms and dads who truly love the fanfare of Halloween. 

lil' granny clothing and accessories graphic

If you’re dressing a little granny, all you need to start is a long-sleeved dress, leggings and a matching sweater. Next, add socks and ballet slippers or white tennis shoes. Baby boys need grey or khaki-colored pants, a white or colored button up shirt and suspenders. Now, it’s time to really add grandma and grandpa flair. Find small, plastic glasses without lenses, or take time before Halloween to safely remove the lenses from baby sunglasses. Since baby doesn’t have grey hair, you’ll also need to add a white or grey wig. Instead of buying a wig, you can also make one at home. Measure your child’s head with a tape measure and then cut out white construction paper to that length. Tape the construction paper together to make a cylinder that kind of looks like a chef hat. Tape the ends down so it looks like a small hat and then place a towel inside so it holds it shape. Glue cotton balls over the entire paper hat and let it dry. 

Creating Adorable Halloween Costumes without the Fuss 

If you have an imagination for Halloween, it’s easy to design a sweet and fun DIY baby Halloween costume for your child. As you see with these ideas, you already have more items on hand than you think. If baby is due to grow out of his or her clothes by the time the holiday rolls around, start thinking of what you need to buy and how you can transform it for the holiday. 

Don’t forget to get into the spirit with your own costume. Even if you can’t match baby, a complementary outfit makes for amazing pictures. If your little one is a lumberjack, be a tree. If you dress him or her as a tiny farmer, you can be a farm animal. Whatever you choose, enjoy your baby’s first-ever dress up. Savor the memories—and take plenty of photos! 

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