Dad and Baby Outfit Ideas for Family Photos

Family photos are common in most households. Many people choose to have them taken on every special occasion, while others only take photos every few years. Regardless of the frequency, photos are taken to mark the changes that occur over time.

Expecting parents may choose to have a photo shoot just before the baby is born. As new parents, they may decide to have a photo shoot shortly after bringing a new life into the world. Parenthood is an exciting role, whether you’re having your first or sixth child.

Some of the cutest photos are when the dad and baby have matching outfits that coordinate with the little one’s cute baby shoes. It is important to keep the photo shoot fun and casual. Here are a few matching outfit ideas for fresh family photos of Daddy and his baby.

Coordinate - Don’t Match 

white flower dress

Good news, Dad! A family photo doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy new clothes so everyone is wearing the same color. If your little one is wearing a pretty pink dress, choose jeans and a tan shirt or khakis and a white shirt. Coordinating your outfits using a few colors will create a more natural look for your photos, and it will probably be easier to find something acceptable in your closet.

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T-shirt and Gerber® Onesies® Bodysuits

Bodysuits are great for babies because they can be worn all year round — perfect for any weather. They’re comfortable as-is for an indoor photo shoot, and you can easily add a sweater, coat, or even a blanket for a chilly outdoor session.

A simple t-shirt and jeans for Dad will create nice contrast. Try a neutral color like gray, white, or cream if you want to make sure your colors go together without matching.

Matching Hats With Fun Messages

Not all photo shoots are scheduled to be indoors. For an outdoor photo, some parents choose different themes, such as a beach theme that can be an actual beach or a beach backdrop. For a beach theme, hats come in handy, with bucket hats being a top choice. Dad and baby’s outfits could be a total mismatch, but they have matching bucket hats. 

Hats, in general, are a good idea if the photo shoot is happening on a hot day. You want to keep your baby looking cute and avoid your special one from getting sunburned. 

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Themed T-shirts

toddler spaceship outfit

If color palates and traditional photos aren’t your thing, go with something a little more personal and unique. Does your little one love dinosaurs? Wear dino-themed shirts! Are you raising a future astronaut? Consider putting them in a rocket-themed shirt while you wear a shirt covered in stars. Choosing a theme can be much easier than determining a color palate, and it’s a great way to show off your personalities.

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Some of the T-shirts in the Gerber Childrenswear pajama sections are also suitable for laid-back photo shoots. Undoubtedly, some parents like for their family photos to capture the casual aspects of their lives. Gerber Childrenswear offers the perfect clothing selections for everyday wear as well as for capturing your family photo’s precious moments.

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