Beyond the Basics: 4 Alternative Cloth Diaper Uses

Many parents have decided to switch from disposable diapers to alternatives. Popular choices include cloth diapers and reusable diapering products. If you prefer cloth material for your baby, discover some of the unconventional cloth diaper uses for the nursery. 

We also have some advice on how to use cloth diapers around your home. Let us help you make the best use of your baby supplies. This list helps you to take Gerber Childrenswear’s cloth diapers beyond the basics. 

1. Burp Cloth 

Our cloth diapers are made with materials like soft cotton gauze and 100 percent cotton organic Birdseye fabric. This makes them gentle enough to wipe your baby’s skin and face, which means they can double as burp cloths. Their neutral shade matches different types of décor in both baby boy and baby girl rooms. While they will not look like diapers when you use them, their white color is also helpful for hiding stains. 

Get your cloth diapers and burp cloths to last longer by learning how to clean cloth diapers the easy way. Simply rinse them in warm water, toss them in the washing machine and dry them according to the instructions on the packaging. Always use fragrance-free detergent to further protect your baby’s skin

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2. Changing Pad

Cloth diapers also make an excellent changing pad. Keep a few additional cloth diapers with you in your baby bag. Every time you head out the door, you will have with you a lightweight, reusable mat for changing your child. 

You can also use these cotton diapers in place of a changing pad at home. There is no need to stop the fun while your little one is playing on the floor or on a blanket. Just slide the diaper under them. It is a great way to change them without having to take them to the nursery. At that point, you can use the pad to diaper your child or save it for the next time. 

diaper changing table with pad

3. Cleaning Cloth 

Busy parents do not have to worry about running to the store for a rag to wash or dust with. They can simply pick up a cloth diaper from their multipack. The cotton material is similar to many of the cleaning cloths on the market. If you have excess diapers from a relative or your baby shower, using them as a cleaning tool can also shave a few dollars off your household budget. 

Wipe surfaces clean with a damp cloth diaper. Refold every time you need a fresh section and then wash again. Dust with a dry cloth or use it along with your favorite natural dusting aid. When it is time for a quick car wash, cotton diapers can also do the trick. Use them like a chamois to gently cleanse your car’s exterior and then pick up another dry one to wipe it clean. They are also excellent tools for detailing the interior of your vehicle. Since it is good enough for a baby, you know you will easily be able to remove dirt and grime without scratching or blemishing the most delicate wood or leather. 

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4. Baby Gift 

These diapers make an excellent baby gift. If you know a new parent who wants to save money, keep the baby safe and do their part to save the planet, consider taking a few packs with you to their baby shower. Diapers made with organic Birdseye fabric are an extra special way to show that you care. Their softness and durability will make these diapers last, while their organic material gives parents peace of mind that they are doing the best to care for their little one. 

If you have a loved one who is expecting, consider customizing your cloth diapers as a present. Add the baby’s name, a small message or a word that is significant to the family. Select the color you want to accent the fabric, further personalizing the garments for use as a keepsake. 

smiling mom holds newborn

The Many Uses for Cloth Diapers 

Now that you know the many uses for cloth diapers, you can make the most of your multipacks. You can also feel confident about gifting them to a friend. Gerber Childrenswear’s cloth diapers are like the rest of our baby clothing—dedicated to the well-being of your little one and always made with high-quality materials. When you choose our cloth diapers, you can be confident that you have what you need for your baby, as well as your entire family

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