Christmas Gift Guide: 5 Gifts for Newborn Girls

It’s such a unique joy to have a baby girl. They’re so sweet and delicate, and as you watch them grow, you get to shop for cute baby clothes, toys and hair accessories! If you’re looking for darling and feminine gifts for newborn girls this Christmas, we have a few ideas for your shopping list. Choose a few of the following items to put under the tree and then suggest some of your favorites to your doting friends and family.

1. Personalized Feminine Blankets

Keep your precious daughter cozy all winter long with a personalized baby blanket. Add it as a mainstay to their nursery or make it a special item to use each holiday season. Our quality blankets will last for years, so they double as a keepsake that they can excitedly pull out as a special piece of Christmas every year.

pink baby girl's blanket personalized with name Lauraine

2. Cute Plush Animals

Little girls can never have too many stuffed animals—and Christmas is a great time to begin adding to their collection! There are hundreds of plush toys out there that are not only cute, but quality enough to remain their favorites for many years to come. Buy a small, fluffy unicorn, purple hippo or classic cartoon character. If you are having trouble choosing one, pick out an animal that fits her personality, goes well with her room décor or reminds you of your own childhood. She’ll find comfort in having it next to her in her stroller, car seat and during winter snuggle sessions.

3. Seasonal Baby Clothes 

It’s always fun to buy clothing gifts for newborn girls, and the Christmas season is the perfect time to pick up new coats, hats and wearable blankets! Stock up on feminine bodysuits and cozy sleepwear or splurge on an entire winter layette. While you may not want to dress your little one up as Santa Claus, you can easily make her look like a cold-weather princess. Rich, red dresses with matching headbands and booties are especially popular this time of year. Or, buy her a shirt with a fun Christmas saying and candy-striped pants. While she’ll outgrow them quickly, these outfits make for timeless photos and are sure to delight you and your family on Christmas day.

4. Baby’s First Christmas Ornaments

Your daughter’s first Christmas will be one of the most sentimental holidays of your life. Commemorate it by buying her a keepsake ornament. There are so many designs available, including traditional spherical shapes, baby shoes and wreaths. While you’ll find plenty in seasonal colors, you can also get one in a feminine hue like lavender or rose gold. Personalize it with her name and birthdate or select a baby photo. As she grows up, she’ll enjoy putting it on the tree.

5. Trendy Toys

Activate your baby's imagination and curiosity with toys that encourage them to explore various sights, sounds and textures. With a variety of toys and books perfect for a variety of development stages, you'll find exactly what you need with our collection. And if teething is still ahead, prepare for the months ahead with cute teething toy. Available in a variety of styles, colors, and textures, you'll find the one right for your little one! And with the friendly animal friend, they'll have a companion even when not actively teething.

mother playing with newborn

Being Santa to Your Baby Girl

Whether you’re a proud gift-giving parent or just want to stock up on more of what your baby needs, the above list of gifts for newborn girls has something for everyone. Since your little girl can’t create a list for Santa just yet, buy her something that will be valuable to her as the year goes on or that celebrates the magic of the season. Many gifts bought for infants are fleeting, but others can become part of the fabric of her unique life story. No matter what present you buy, you’ll do it with love—and at this time of year, that is what’s most important.

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