Christmas Gift Guide: 5 Gifts for Newborn Boys

If it’s your baby boy’s first Christmas, you’re undoubtedly excited about buying him sweet little presents and fun holiday gifts. After you set your budget, however, it can be tough to pick out five or 10 things that will be both useful to him and capture the spirit of the season. Benefit from our years of experience in finding the most festive and functional items. The list of our top gifts for newborn boys below will make it much easier to check what you need off your shopping list.

1. Sports-Themed Toys

If you are a sports fan or belong to a family of athletes, there are a variety of themed toys out there that are perfect for little boys. Browse the Internet for teethers and rattles with your favorite team’s name, logo and colors, or pick up a set of soft plush balls to create his first athletic bag. There are rubber ducks holding soccer balls and basketballs to make bath time more enjoyable, as well as travel-ready stroller and car seat toys complete with baseballs, bats and musical buttons. There are also plenty of plush teddy bears online and in sports shops wearing jerseys and holding their own athletic gear.

2. Holiday Books

Every child needs a set of books showcasing the magic and wonder of the season. Start stocking up on Christmas reading favorites now so you are always ready to read to your kid as the holidays draw closer. Visit your local bookstore to find their most memorable selections or think about the titles your parents read to you. While it may be fun to open some on Christmas morning, there’s no need to wait until next year to begin your storytime sessions. Select a book or two to enjoy together as you snuggle up before sleep or a nap. There are so many benefits of reading to a newborn, including bonding together and building literacy skills early.


Mom reading to newborn baby in nursery.

3. Newborn Lounger

Before your tiny man starts to race around the house, take the time to celebrate the calm and cozy. A newborn lounger is a comfortable cushion with just the right amount of softness and height. It’s ideal for propping his head up while he lies on his back and enjoys gazing at the lights of the Christmas tree. As he grows, he’ll have a cushioned space to sit up on his own. You can find loungers in solid colors like red, blue and grey, or pick a pattern perfect for newborn guys. You’ll find everything from elephants to whales at your community baby store.

4. Wintertime Baby Clothes

Since your little guy is growing fast, Christmas is an ideal time to shop for baby clothes. You’ll be able to find holiday deals on some of the most useful winter clothing gifts for newborn boys, including warm sleepwear, cozy coats and adorable beanies. Multi-pack pant sets, shirts and 3-in-1 outfits with bodysuits and hats are also popular this time of year. Don’t forget that it’s fun to dress him up as Santa! There are plenty of precious shirt, pants and beanie combinations that look just like Old Saint Nick’s tried and true uniform. If you want to try something different, you’ll also find elf outfits and formal ensembles with suspenders for parties or going to church.

5. Keepsake Christmas Ornaments

There is no better way to commemorate your baby boy’s first Christmas than with an heirloom ornament! There are designs for every family’s tree décor and personality. DIY your gift, buy it online or go to the mall. Mold his hand or foot into a white, gold or blue plaster circle or oval for showing off to him as he gets older. You can also personalize a Christmas tree, cartoon character or snowflake with his name and birthdate on it. If you had formal photos done when he was born, put a smaller one into a frame ornament. Wrap it up carefully at the end of each season and it will last for decades to come.

The Enjoyment–and Benefits—of Gifting for Your Baby Boy

We’ll admit it. It’s easier to buy for your sweet baby than some of your more picky family members and friends. There are so many products out there, though, that it helps to be able to narrow down a few favorites and branch out from there. By choosing from these interesting and helpful gifts for newborn boys, you won’t feel as much pressure to finish dressing his stocking as the holidays draw closer. Since the gifts are tested and approved by moms, you’ll also know that what you’re buying is both practical and sure to bring joy.

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