Celebrate Baby Day & Care for The Babies Around You

If you’ve ever checked out a National Day Calendar, you know that there’s a day dedicated to celebrating just about everything. May 2nd happens to be one of our favorites. Happy National Baby Day, everyone!

If you have a special child in your life, you know the immense joy, laughter, surprise, and hard work that comes along with parenting. Whether that child is your own, a niece, nephew, or child of close friend, there are a lot of ways to care for the children around you.

1. Educate Yourself

Take some time to read up parenting techniques, age-by-age milestones, or even the latest educational toys. There’s bound to be some questions you keep meaning to search but can’t seem to find the time. Let yourself go down the rabbit hole!

2. Educate Others

Find an exceptional article? Share it on social! Text the link to your friends. Information sharing is easier than ever, almost effortless. If you have older kids that will babysit one day, take a little time to teach them the basics of baby care.

 3. Spend Quality Time

Take the kids to the park, have extra cuddle time, or simply make a point to keep off your phone while you’re around them. Whatever your favorite family activity is, go for it! Or take your friend’s or sibling’s kids out for a few hours and give those tired parents a much-needed break.

 4. Donate

If you have the means to do so, donate! Round up gently used clothes and toys to take to your local donation center or women’s shelter. Get online and find a charity that resonates with you supporting children in need. Or donate your time. Local charities in support of impoverished families are always in need of volunteers.

 5. Help Children in Need of Adoption & Fostering

To tie into our previous mention of volunteering, consider devoting some of your time or donations to help the hundreds of thousands of American children in the foster care system. There are numerous ways to lend a hand whether you’re offering your professional services, respite care, or considering fostering or adopting yourself. Reach out to your local adoption agency to see how you can help and check out our blog to learn more about fostering and adopting.

 We hope your day is full of joy. Share your favorite memories with your baby or the baby you love with us on social!

baby girl sleeping while being held by mom

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