Baby & Toddler Summer Clothes: Soft Cotton Gauze is Here

Let the memories begin with adorable summer clothes for your baby or toddler! From family vacations at the beach to slow days beating the heat at home, you can find all the styles you need to enjoy every moment, including baby rompers, outfits, toddler dresses and more. And this year, one fabric stands out as uniquely suited for warmer weather. Cotton gauze, exceptionally soft and breathable, provides a soft feel and durable fit for active little ones learning and exploring. 

toddler girl twirling in gauze dress

What is cotton gauze fabric? 
Gauze has a loose, open weave, making it very lightweight and breathable. Its slightly crinkly or wrinkled texture gives it a distinctive appearance, while its softness and airy feel make it comfortable against the skin. It is commonly used in summer clothing, scarves, wraps, and baby clothes, and is also popular in bohemian-style dresses and tops because of its airy quality. 

What is cotton muslin fabric? 
Muslin has a plain weave that is tighter and uniform, resulting in a smooth texture that can vary from soft to slightly crisp, depending on the finish. Generally, muslin feels soft, though its transparency ranges from sheer to opaque, based on its weight and quality. Muslin is commonly used for baby accessories, household items and more. 

side by side closeup on gauze and muslin fabric

What is the difference between cotton gauze and muslin? 
While both cotton gauze and muslin are breathable and lightweight, gauze is more open and airy with a crinkled texture, making it ideal for summery, casual clothing. Muslin, with its tighter weave and smoother texture, can be used for a variety of garments and household items. 

What makes cotton gauze good for summer? 

  • Breathability 

Our cotton gauze double layer is designed to allow for optimal air circulation, which helps keep babies cool and comfortable, particularly in warmer climates. This breathable quality is crucial for young children, as their bodies are still learning to regulate temperature efficiently. While it is always important to continually monitor your little one’s temperature, gauze baby clothes help keep them cool, even on sunny days. 

four multi-color baby rompers on hangers
  • Softness 

Cotton gauze fabric is incredibly gentle on delicate baby skin, reducing the risk of irritation or rashes. This softness is a result of the loose weave and the natural cotton fibers, which become even softer with each wash. For rompers and dresses, this means babies can move freely and comfortably, whether they're playing, napping, or exploring their surroundings. 

  • Lightweight  

The light nature of gauze also contributes to its popularity for baby and toddler clothing. It is not heavy or restrictive, making it perfect for active toddlers who need freedom of movement. This is particularly beneficial in rompers and outfit sets, where ease of movement is paramount. The fabric's slight stretch adds to this comfort, allowing for better fit and flexibility as your little one grows and moves.

toddler boy standing in brown gauze shorts
  • Durability  

Despite its delicate appearance, cotton gauze withstands frequent washing and wearing, which is essential for baby and toddler clothes. The fabric's natural wrinkle and crinkle texture mean that it doesn't require ironing, making it a practical choice for busy parents. Dresses and outfit sets made from gauze maintain their charming, slightly rustic look without extra maintenance. 

  • Aesthetic Appeal 

The fabric's inherent texture and softness give it a lovely drape and flow, making rompers, dresses, and baby outfits look adorable and stylish. The natural look and feel of gauze gives it a timeless, classic quality, appealing to parents who favor both comfort and style for their little ones. 

baby boy sitting and smiling while wearing brown gauze overall

Cotton gauze fabric is perfect for baby and toddler summer clothes due to its breathability, softness, durability, and charming look. Gerber Childrenswear has a wide variety of gauze baby clothing and toddler outfits for your cute little one. These baby outfits and toddler styles will let you dress your child in a comfy summer fit and ensure they look adorable all season long! 

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