Baby Socks: 3 Reasons Socks Are Important for Your Infant

If you’re a new parent, you may feel embarrassed to ask certain questions about infant care or baby clothing. Don’t be! Becoming an experienced, confident mom or dad is definitely an on-the-job learning experience. One of the most popular questions about dressing infants is, “Do babies need socks?” and "when to take off baby socks?"–as well as if socks should be worn to bed or paired with baby booties.

Read this guide to discover the answers to these questions, as well as why baby socks are important. Once you know the top reasons to buy them, you may be inspired to stock up on a few different sizes or add more to your baby registry.

1. They Help Regulate Body Temperature

According to the doctors at Stanford Children’s Health, babies have a harder time regulating their body temperature than adults do. Low birth weight or premature babies will find it even more difficult to stay warm because they have less body fat. You know you can keep baby cozy with winter clothing such as a long-sleeve Onesie from Onesies® Brand bodysuits, fleece pants and jackets. Layering accessories such as cotton socks will also help to keep them warm, happy and healthy.

While you may prefer crew socks or ankle socks for your baby, you may decide to go with longer, thicker socks in the winter. If your child’s pants hike up during car rides, sleep or play, the extra layer will help to keep their legs warm. Pair them with mittens so you can warm their hands, all while protecting their face from nail injuries.

2. They Protect Feet from Injury

After a few months, your newborn will begin to hit baby milestones, such as resting on their tummy, rolling and crawling. Some babies will even begin to walk before their first year is done. No matter how your little one is getting around, their feet can come into contact with all kinds of dangerous surfaces and objects.

It’s inevitable that your child will step on a toy, walk on rougher surfaces or venture a few feet outside. No-skid socks will keep their toes and soles warm and padded from danger. Add an extra layer of comfort and security with a pair of booties. Most infant booties also come with no-skid bottoms, so your child doesn’t slip when they’re cruising.


baby girl in floral print pants and white shirt crawling across floor


3. They Keep Toes Warm Outdoors

If your baby doesn’t walk yet, they don’t really need hard-soled shoes to get around. Along with a Onesie and a pair of pants, socks with booties are all you need to stroll in the park, visit the store or have a bite to eat in your favorite restaurant. While you may be able to skip socks during summer, they’re an essential layer during most months of the year. This is especially true during winter when thick socks can prevent hypothermia and illness. 

When you and baby leave the house in cold weather, always pack one or two extra pairs of socks in your diaper bag. If a sock comes off their feet (which happens quite often), you’ll have backups to keep him or her comfortable. Plus, in the event that you need to be outside longer than desired or if the temperature drops quickly, you can layer one pair of socks on top of the other.

toddler boy in gray bodysuit wearing white socks with head cocked, smiling

Buying the Best Socks for Your Baby

Whether you’re building your baby registry or want to restock your socks for a new season, you should know that not all infant clothing is the same. The best baby girl and boy socks out there are a combination of cozy, durable and stylish. We think you’ll like our terry and jersey knit varieties, which are both durable and comfortable.

Shop for the styles with wiggle-proof technology to prevent little socks from falling off energetic feet. Many of our baby socks also come with deep heel pockets and more ankle support to help baby play, smile and laugh longer. Buy them in multipacks in a neutral white color or have some fun with colors and prints. Baby girl socks come in bunny prints, ballet slipper styles and feminine shades like purple, peach and pink.


4 benefits of wiggle proof socks: knitted design, secure fit, wiggle proof technology, soft and stretchy


If you need baby boy socks, you’ll enjoy choosing from stripes, animal prints and cute sayings. Pair them with a comfortable long-sleeve Onesie from Onesies® Brand bodysuits, cozy pants and ultra-plush Velboa booties at night for a more restful bedtime. Whether you’re getting ready to play or take a nap, the right socks will keep baby more comfortable.

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