Your Ultimate Gift Guide: Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Friends and Family

If you have recently been invited to a baby shower, consider it a distinct honor! The parents-to-be will only call on their treasured loved ones to celebrate such a special milestone. Since you are considered a close friend of the baby and their family, you will want to find an adorable and memorable baby shower gift for them. After all, something cute and useful is the best way to mark the occasion and say you care! 

These days, there are literally thousands of different baby shower gift ideas and infant products on the market. This fact can make it time-consuming (and even sometimes overwhelming) for some guests to shop for the right present. Here at Gerber Childrenswear, we want to make shopping for baby gifts fun and stress-free. That is why we have created the ultimate gift guide to baby shower gifts for loved ones and family members. From baby girl and baby boy clothes to toys, furniture and accessories, there is something for everyone to give and receive. Thankfully, we can help you save time and effort on this important item on your to-do list. 

Read through each section to learn how to choose the best gift. You will also discover some of the most popular choices for baby shower registries, as well as which presents for newborns are considered the most unique. At the end, you are sure to brainstorm a gift that makes the family’s life easier. With love and planning, your gift will also give you the opportunity to showcase your unique relationship with the baby and show just how much you adore them. 

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How to Choose a Baby Shower Gift  

When it comes to gifts for babies, it is helpful to know how to choose a great gift without spending too much time debating what would be useful. Below, we provide you with a few gift-giving considerations before you place an order. As you brainstorm the right present for the baby and new parents, do the following: 

  • Check the Baby Shower Registry First: Most first-time parents have at least one baby shower registry. Whether they are signed up on a digital app, a shopping website or at a local store, this list can be helpful in knowing exactly what the parents want and the baby needs. Many baby shower hosts provide links to registries on the invitation, but that is not always the case. To be sure you obtain their registry list, talk to the party host directly. They should have information about where to find them and what to do if you cannot grab a digital version. Many of the most popular department stores and online shops also allow you to look up a parent by their last name. Here, you will find the products that parents want for their baby. Some apps and services also allow you to check if the gifts have already been bought, which will help you to buy a unique present. 
  • Think About Your Budget: Now that you have viewed the baby registry list, consider the price tags on some of the gifts. Decide on a budget for your present and then look for the product you have been eyeing. You can also browse items in the same price range. As an alternative, consider purchasing a few of the least expensive gifts to create an affordable and fun gift basket for the child. Some baby registry apps allow you to filter gifts by cost. You may wish to browse some of the presents you like online before deciding on the most quality and affordable gift for your money. 
  • Consider Your Relationship to the Family: The gift that you choose may depend on your relationship with the parents-to-be. Grandparents, aunts and uncles of the newborn could decide to purchase a more expensive gift than a distant relative or friend. Close family members often pitch in on the big ticket items, such as a travel set complete with a stroller and car seat. It is also common for more than one family member to buy the crib. Friends or coworkers can feel comfortable buying a modest yet heartfelt gift. Common purchases include large packs of diapers, diaper pails and sets of our Onesies® Brand Bodysuits. We also recommend multipacks of tops, bottoms or sleepwear. 
  • Give with Your Heart: It is important that your gift is functional, but the process should also be fun for you. Remember, there is no wrong present. Every family who is expecting a child will be grateful for what they receive. After you consider the parents’ needs and the price, you can move on to what you would like to offer to the newborn or the gifts that you find most interesting. Some loved ones want their gifts to be useful and practical, while others like to give presents with a little personality. When your heart is in the right place, you are sure to choose the right item for the baby. 
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Discover Some of the Most Popular Gifts  

Now that you know a little more about what to consider in choosing a gift, you can browse through some of the most popular gift choices among today’s baby registry lists. Some commonly purchased categories for baby registries include: 

  • Baby Clothing: Newborns grow quickly. The parents-to-be will need plenty of baby clothing in various styles and sizes. You can never go wrong with purchasing a single outfit, a multipack of essentials or clothing accessories for infants. Some of the most popular articles of baby girl and baby boy clothes for registries include take-me-home sets, swaddle blankets and our signature Onesies® Brand Bodysuits. The family will need plenty of garments throughout the first year, so it is okay to gift them clothing items in various sizes. The 3-6M and 6-9M sizes are especially helpful for new parents since they will receive plenty of clothing in Newborn and 0-3M sizes. Tops, bottoms and sleepwear are also essential gifts for new babies and their families. 
  • Bath Items: Bath time is a special time for babies and their parents. A newborn will also need plenty of specialized supplies to keep them healthy and safe while they take a bath. This is exactly why a newborn bathtub makes an excellent gift. It is also popular to give bath time sets with essentials like tear-free shampoo and baby body wash. Other ideas include a set of soft cotton washcloths or a few hooded towels. Lotion, squirt toys and hair rinsing tools will all help new parents during the first year. Bathmats and faucet covers will create a safe environment when the baby graduates from their tiny tub. 
  • Seasonal Items: Seasonal clothing is often forgotten on baby shower registries. However, these items are just as essential as the clothes that infants wear inside the house. Winter babies may need snowsuits, snow jackets or mittens to stay warm while playing or traveling. Summer babies require plenty of lightweight clothes to stay comfy and cool, like bodysuits and short sleeve tops. Swim hats and sunshades for the stroller can help to provide much-needed sun protection when you sit with the baby by the pool or go for a walk outside. 
  • Diapering Items: Diapering is always a big consideration among families. Ask whether the parents will use disposables or cotton diapers. Packs of diapers are always appreciated. Wipes, diaper pails and even wipe warmers make useful gifts. 
  • Feeding Supplies: Parents can never have too many burp cloths for their newborn and growing infant. Besides cleaning up messes, they are helpful for protecting clothing and wiping the baby’s chin. Even though infants may not use feeding bibs for the first few months, it is still appropriate to give them at a baby shower. 
  • Nursery Essentials: There are so many things that are necessary for the baby’s nursery. Some of the most expensive items include furniture for the baby’s room, like the crib, bassinet or changing table. These big-ticket items can impact a family’s budget. Close relatives or groups of loved ones may choose to purchase these kinds of gifts or give a gift card to the family for this purpose. Other must-haves for the nursery include baby monitors, changing pads and white noise machines. 
  • Other Helpful First-Year Items: Some of the most popular baby shower gifts fall into the miscellaneous category. However, they are just as useful and important to the baby’s first year. A play yard with an included changing table and bassinet can help new parents when they are on the go. They are also useful for the babysitter’s house. Every infant will need toys, like rattles and cute teethers. A first aid kit and baby books are also on every parents’ list. 
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Unique Gifts for Newborns 

It is a smart idea to gift parents their most needed newborn essentials. However, if you are interested in offering something with customization or personality, there are plenty of ideas available to you. Some of the most fun, useful and unique baby shower gifts for newborns include:  

  • Custom Embroidery: The art of custom embroidery helps to mark the momentous occasion of a baby’s birth. It is also the foundation for adorable and meaningful gifts that last. With custom embroidery from Gerber Childrenswear, you can emblazon the baby’s name on burp cloths, bath robes and hooded towels. Or make the family feel special by personalizing a soft luxury blanket or adorable security blanket. We have a variety of items that you can personalize or customize for a special little one. 
  • DIY Baby Gifts: If you are an artist or love to create, consider making personal and heartfelt DIY gifts for the baby. These may include everything from custom artwork for the nursery to a craft made with Onesies® Brand Bodysuits. Choose a bodysuit color and then get to work with fabric markers, paint stencils or iron-on transfers. If you like to sew, you can even add suspenders or a bow tie. DIY bodysuits are also perfect for holiday babies. Design cute and comfortable costumes for family gatherings and photography. 
  • Personalized Keepsakes: Other ideas for memorable personalized keepsakes include customized books with the baby’s name and holiday ornaments complete with the newborn’s date of birth. You can even engrave bracelets, jewelry boxes and toy chests. Stuffed animals, wooden puzzles and piggy banks are other examples of timeless and beloved keepsake presents. 

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Selecting the Best Gift for a Newborn  

It is always exciting to welcome a new friend or family member into your extended family. Now that you know how to find the right gift for a baby shower, you will be confident that you are choosing the best present for yourself and the family. If you cannot seem to decide, know that our baby boy and baby girl clothes are sure to impress even the most picky parents-to-be. 

Here at Gerber Childrenswear, we have all of the most popular clothing items on modern baby registries, including our classic Sleep ’N Plays, coveralls and Onesies® Brand Bodysuits. We also have newborn baby gowns, cozy footed pants and cotton pajama sets. Complete the perfect newborn baby gift set with a fun silicone teether or a soft reversible blanket. Let us help you make shopping for baby registry gifts easy. No matter what type of baby clothing you purchase, you are sure to delight the new parents. 

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