7 Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home

It might sound cliché, but kids really do grow up too fast! One minute, they’re toddling around the house on wobbly legs, and the next minute, they’re learning how to drive your car and getting ready to leave for college. A baby photoshoot is the perfect way to capture those early memories of your precious little one and hold them close to your heart long after they’ve grown up. 

Looking for some DIY baby photo shoot inspiration? Keep reading to learn how to dress your baby for a photoshoot—plus, a roundup of our favorite baby photo shoot ideas at home. 

How to Dress a Baby for a Home Photoshoot 

First things first: What should baby wear for a home photoshoot? For the best results, keep the following tips in mind when choosing an outfit for your little one.

  • Stick with soft neutral tones that don’t distract from your baby. Lighter colors such as grey, white, pale pink and light blue can also help with the lighting since they reflect light.


sleeping baby girl in white bodysuit with pacifier


  • Consider your baby’s age. For newborns, simple outfits are best because they help emphasize your little one’s delicate features. If your baby is older, keep it simple (and comfortable) with adorable baby girl dresses or a plain white bodysuit and cuff pants outfit.
  • Keep the room temperature in mind, especially if you’re shooting a naked newborn. Turn the temperature up in the house or use a space heater to warm up your shooting area.
  • Have a couple of backup outfits ready in the event of spit up or a diaper blowout. 


baby girl laying down in yellow outfit with matching headband


7 Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home

There is no shortage of precious baby photo shoot ideas on Pinterest. However, you may not realize that a lot of those poses—including the classic “frog pose” that many parents love—are only possible with the help of Photoshop and a savvy assistant.

With that in mind, here are a few beginner-friendly baby photoshoot ideas that anyone can do safely at home.

1. Swaddled Baby in a Basket

Swaddle your baby in a cute blanket and place them in a cozy basket lined with faux fur. To ramp up the cuteness factor, add a newborn cap or a ruffled headband to your little one’s head. 

2. Say It with a Letter Board

Who doesn’t love letter boards? This versatile and stylish prop is a fun and cute way to celebrate big milestones or display your baby’s stats! The best part? When you’re not using your letter board as a baby photo prop, you can use it to display a quote in the baby’s nursery!

3. Yawning Baby

Young babies are always making the sweetest little movements. Lay your baby down on a cute baby blanket and wait for them to yawn or stretch. Choose a fast shutter speed so you can capture the moment!

4. Baby in a Wagon

Most people will agree that there is just something oh-so-adorable about a tiny baby in a red wagon. For this baby photoshoot idea, all you need to do is buy (or borrow!) a classic red wagon and dress your baby in a super-cute outfit. 

5. Baby on Crib Sheets 

Why spend money on a professional baby backdrop when you can simply use the baby’s cute crib sheets instead? Colorful crib sheets make for an adorable baby backdrop for photoshoots. If the crib sheets are printed, dress your baby in neutral tones so that he or she pops against them. 

6. Baby in Partner’s Hands

Sure, you probably have lots of random pictures of your partner holding the baby. But what about a professional-looking shot that you’d be proud to hang in your hallway? Have your partner cradle the baby and lovingly gaze down at them as you snap away.

Tip: Convert the image to black and white in Photoshop. It will make your photo look all the more compelling and special. 

7. Holding Baby Over Shoulder

Have your partner hold the baby over their shoulder (or ask them to take a photo of you doing the same) and take a close-up shot of your baby. This pose is great if you want to be in the photo with your baby while still keeping the attention on them. Bonus: You don’t need to worry about looking good for the camera since your back will be turned!

3 images of different babies sleeping or laying down

Get Ready for Baby’s Close-Up

Between finding the perfect baby outfit, figuring out the lighting situation and working around your baby’s napping and feeding schedule, photographing your own baby is harder than it looks! 

Although we can’t take the photo for you, we can help you find the perfect outfit for your baby’s photoshoot debut. Shop the latest styles at Gerber Childrenswear and discover high-quality baby clothes at prices you’ll love!

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