How to Build a Baby Capsule Wardrobe

How to Build a Baby Capsule Wardrobe

When it comes to caring for your baby, a few helpful tips and tricks can make things easier on everyone in the family. Some of the best time-savers will involve your baby boy or baby girl clothes. A baby capsule wardrobe is a unique and useful way to create a stylish and stunning outfit set. Best of all, it can make it easier to pick out your child’s clothing in the morning. The following guide explains more about designing and using capsule wardrobes for your family. Learn why they are beneficial and how to create the right one for you and your child. 

The Basics of a Baby Capsule Wardrobe 

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothing that includes several separate pieces. All tops and bottoms should match together with the capsule’s accessories and outerwear. Anyone can create a capsule for their closet, but they are especially helpful for dressing infants and toddlers. Capsule wardrobes include different garments in complementary colors and patterns. 

With the help of each separate piece, you can create several outfits. Baby capsules are an excellent option for minimalists, but you can also design them for different events or seasons. Perfect for parents and caregivers, they are especially helpful for simplifying baby clothes and accessories. 

Top Benefits of Creating a Baby Capsule 

If you are preparing for your baby shower or buying clothes for your newborn, it is helpful to have a list of essential clothing for your infant. Capsule wardrobes take the guesswork out of choosing must-have garments for babies. In addition, some of the top reasons to create a baby capsule wardrobe for your baby girl and baby boy clothes are: 

Top Benefits of Creating a Baby Capsule

  • Save time picking out clothes: Your baby’s clothing should always be comfortable and appropriate for the weather. The best clothes make dressing easy while keeping your infant cute and stylish. Capsule wardrobe items are meant to be cozy and convenient. Since they are intended to match, they will always look fashionable. 
  • Save space in your baby nursery: Capsule wardrobes are streamlined, which means you will save space in your child’s drawers and closets. Smaller nurseries will greatly benefit from the extra room. It will also keep the baby’s area looking clean and neat, no matter how much time you spend there. 
  • Spend less time on laundry: Less baby clothing means you save time on laundry. You will also save money on detergent and water. Help keep your home eco-friendly and do your part for the environment. 
  • Create stylish outfits in seconds: Most baby capsule wardrobes have a color palette to create outfits that match. Choose a couple of pieces and you have an adorable outfit in no time at all. Add layers to complete a sweet seasonal look. 
  • Shop for clothes in less time: When you are shopping for the same style or color of baby clothing, it is easier to find the right garments. This will help you to save time online and in stores. With a capsule wardrobe, finding infant clothes becomes more fun. It also gives you a chance to be more playful with accessories like hats or hair bows. 
  • Save money on baby clothing: Having a plan for your baby clothing will help you and your family to save money. Once you have your foundational capsule wardrobe, you can add pieces as your child sizes up or needs additional styles. You will avoid purchasing clothes on a whim, which means you will only have the most appropriate garments for your child. 

Shop Baby Clothes for Your Child's Capsule Wardrobe

Now that you know more about how capsule wardrobes can make a difference in dressing your child, the following list of baby capsule basics will make it easy to shop. Buy clothing online or create your own custom baby shower list. Share your capsule items with friends and family and you will quickly fill your child’s closet. 

What to Put in a Baby Capsule Wardrobe 

A baby capsule wardrobe includes the essentials that infants need to stay cozy and comfortable. The best items will allow you to shift from day to night. The garments included in this list are also some of the easiest to change and wash. Whether you have a newborn baby or a growing child, these items are appropriate for sleep and play. They come in blank colors and prints, which means your child can look trendy or classic.  

All of the baby clothing and accessories that you see in this guide are available from us at Gerber Childrenswear in a variety of sizes and styles. Be sure to get the right number of items: 

What to Put in a Baby Capsule Wardrobe

Gerber® Onesies® Bodysuits (3-5) 

Our Gerber® Onesies® bodysuits are foundational pieces for every baby capsule wardrobe. They come in colors like gray and white, which match with a variety of baby bottoms. They are also available in fun prints and vibrant hues like hot pink and golden yellow. We recommend this as your primary choice for tops. They even work as sleepwear. 

Long sleeve and short sleeve bodysuits are soft and versatile. Choose three to five bodysuits in colors that match your chosen scheme or palette. Neutral colors like black and taupe are always excellent options.  

Tops (2-3) 

While bodysuits may be all the tops you need for your baby, you can add a few more shirts to your capsule wardrobe. Include the same colors that you have for your bodysuits. Choose up to three tops so your closet does not get cluttered. Some of the most popular choices in tops for babies include side-snap shirts and cotton tees. 

Henley sweaters and mitten-cuff shirts can provide a warm first layer. Tunics and woven shirts add style to an infant’s wardrobe. All tops should be easy to place over the baby’s head and simple to wash in the laundry. 

4 pack of baby girls dots pants

Bottoms (5-7) 

Shop for enough baby pants and bottoms to go with your Gerber® Onesies® bodysuits and tops. Choose five to seven pairs of pants so you have enough for the entire week. Whether you select from styles like leggings or joggers, each pair of bottoms should match with the bodysuits and tops you have in your capsule wardrobe. Neutral colors are perfect for creating outfits that match. 

Black and gray are some of the most popular shades in baby pants. You can also select from accessible shades like white and blue. Jungle pants and active pants are useful in the fall and winter. Stretchy shorts and baby skirts are perfect for spring and summer. 

Sleepwear (2-4) 

Babies need sleepwear that will keep them cozy at night. Save room in your child’s capsule wardrobe by using your soft cotton bodysuits and pants for sleeping. You can even leave the bottoms off your baby when it is warm. Add swaddle blankets on top if your newborn likes them. 

If you prefer separate baby pajamas, choose two to four options in the same color scheme as your daytime clothing. Baby gowns make for easy diaper changes and will keep your child comfortable during the warmer months of the year. Sleepers and footed pajamas made with warm fleece are ideal for the fall and winter. 

Outerwear (1-2) 

When it is cooler outside, babies will need outerwear to stay warm. Thinner hoodies and jackets will come in the same color as your baby clothing. They will also fit under your child’s car seat straps and can be especially helpful for traveling. 

If you need heavier jackets or snowsuits, buy them in the same color scheme. Choose one to two garments that are appropriate for cold weather or snow. Match with accessories like mittens to keep your child safe in the elements. A single pair of outdoor mittens should be all that you need for your capsule. 

Newborn Boy Tiger Caps

Caps and Mittens (1-2) 

Baby caps help to keep your baby warm both outside and indoors. They also serve as a cute accessory for your minimalist capsule wardrobe. One or two caps should be all you need to create adorable outfits. They can be the same color as the tops and bottoms in your child’s closet, but you can also include caps that add a subtle pop of color. Soft yellow or blue look adorable with neutral colors like white. You can also choose from lighter shades of gray. Aqua or light purple match well with dark gray and black. 

Baby mittens will keep your child from scratching their face. Shop for them in the same color as your caps. With this approach to your accessories, your little one will always have an outfit that looks put together. 

Socks (5-6) 

Too many baby socks and they are likely to get lost. If you purchase too little, you will not have enough for the week. This is especially true if white or light gray socks become worn or dirty. 

Your baby will be wearing their socks indoors and outdoors, so it is helpful to have five to six pairs in the right size. Upgrade to a new style or size when you lose a pair from your original set. White is the most popular color, but you can easily mix in a few neutral shades like gray or tan. 

There are plenty of other styles of baby clothes available to you, but these are some of the best fashions for newborns. Their convenience and ease of use are also perfect for busy families. Stock up on these items and you will always have a cute and comfortable outfit for your baby. While the capsule wardrobe provides a basic foundation, your child is always sure to look on-trend. 

mother and child cuddling

How to Purchase the Right Sizes for Your Baby 

Now that you know which garments you need, the next step is to choose the right sizes of clothing for your child. Every child is unique, so your infant may not wear the same size as another baby. Most baby clothing is available in preemie or newborn sizes up to 18-24 months. Consult the brand’s size chart for complete information on the measurements that apply to your child. At Gerber Childrenswear, we have a sizing chart available to you, as well as plenty of choices in clothing for your baby in sizes preemie to 24 months. When purchasing the right sizes for your baby, be sure to go by your baby's weight and height measurements as indicated on our sizing chart.  This will ensure the best fit for your baby. We even have toddler sizes for when your child grows. 

When creating a baby capsule wardrobe, start with the size that your baby will wear as a newborn. Next, buy the same items in one or two larger sizes. When you have plenty of white bodysuits or gray baby pants, your child can grow into their clothing without you having to go shopping. This approach is also perfect for families who have babies who grow into larger tops or bottoms at a different rate. 

Every baby grows at its own pace, but most families will only get a few months of wear from their outfits. If you like your baby’s current color scheme for their capsule wardrobe, buy backups of your most foundational and favorite pieces and simply repeat their look. 

How to Pick a Capsule Color Scheme  

Most baby capsule wardrobes go with a neutral color scheme so all of the pieces match effortlessly. It also helps to create a classic look for your infant that works for any occasion. To begin, choose one or two foundational colors. 

White and light gray are two hues that are perfect for newborns. Other neutral shades like tan and beige offer an earthy look, while darker tones like dark gray and charcoal create the beginning of a dynamic color scheme for baby clothing. Add one or two complementary hues in more vibrant tones like blue or yellow for a complete infant-friendly color scheme. 

Picking a Capsule Color Scheme

For best results, your palette should have three to four colors total. Some of the most popular baby capsule wardrobe color palettes include: 

  • Light gray and light blue
  • Dark gray and dark blue 
  • Dark gray and lime green 
  • White and aqua 
  • White and light pink 
  • Tan and coral 
  • Light gray and red 
  • Taupe and light yellow 
  • Dark gray and dark green 
  • Tan and purple 
  • Light gray and light yellow 
  • Dark gray and orange 
  • Taupe and green  

A neutral color scheme is also perfect when choosing unisex baby clothes. Whether you prefer a neutral style or have multiple babies at home, having bodysuits in colors like gray and tan allows you to make stylish outfits for every child in the family. You can even mix and match between kids, alternating out accent colors if they wear the same sizes. 

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Build the Best Capsule Wardrobe for Your Baby 

Now that you know how to build the best baby capsule wardrobe, you can build one of your own. You are also empowered to create a simple and efficient baby registry. With Gerber Childrenswear, it is easy to find the colors and styles you need for your child. From Gerber® Onesies® bodysuits that go with everything to warm Sleep ’N Plays that are dynamic enough for any cozy occasion, we make it easy to build a capsule that grows with you and your family. 

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