A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Put a Bodysuit on a Newborn

Bodysuits are one of the most popular baby registry items for newborns. If you are a new parent wondering what a baby bodysuit is and why they are popular, let us help you learn more. These garments are one-piece suits that snap at the crotch. They come in both long sleeve and short sleeve versions. They are made with soft yet durable materials such as cotton and thermal blends so your child is comfortable during every season. 

While they look adorable and match almost every outfit, they are also easy to take on and off. The following guide will tell you how to put a bodysuit on a newborn so you feel comfortable with the steps even before your baby arrives. Practice at home or keep them saved for later. No matter your approach, you are sure to feel more confident about dressing your little one day and night. 

Step 1: Prepare Baby’s Bodysuit 

The first step is to get the baby’s bodysuit ready for wearing. Before you can put the garment on, you will need to undo the snaps at the crotch. Pull on the top snaps with your fingers, all while gently pushing in and then pulling on the bottom ones. With this swift motion, each of the three snaps should quickly and easily come apart. Next, position the outfit so that the collar is pointing in the same direction as your child’s head. You are now ready to dress the baby in their outfit. 

Step 2: Decide How You Will Dress the Baby 

Now that your infant bodysuit is ready, it is time to decide whether you will pull it up over their head—or dress them from the bottom up. Many parents use the over-the-head technique. However, some moms and dads find that pulling the garment on feet-first tends to make newborns less fussy. It is perfectly fine to experiment with both techniques until you find the one that works best for your family. The next step will tell you how to perfect both options. 

mom with baby in bodysuit

Step 3: Pull on Baby’s Bodysuit 

If you are pulling a baby’s bodysuit over their head, you can complete it in a few steps. First, put your hands through the garment from the bottom up. Work your hands through the bodysuit until you reach the collar. Extend your fingers through the collar area until you reach the expandable lap-shoulder design. This feature makes it easy to pull over your child’s head. Once the bodysuit is around the baby’s neck, remove your hands from the area and direct your attention to the sleeves. Gently pull the baby’s arms through each of the sleeves and then pull the entire garment down the baby’s body until you reach the snaps. 

For parents who choose to put the garment on feet-first, start at the bottom of the baby’s body. Gather both sides of the lap-shoulder collar with your hands, stretching it apart so your child’s feet will fit inside. Pull the bodysuit up over the baby’s legs until you reach the sleeves. Place your newborn’s arms in each sleeve one-by-one, ending at the neck area. 

Step 4: Snap the Bodysuit and Finish Dressing 

Now that the bodysuit is on the baby’s entire body, it is time to snap the crotch. Match the parts of each of the three snaps together, one-by-one. You will hear a soft clicking sound when the snaps are attached properly. Inspect the entire garment to make sure the collar, sleeves and crotch area are smoothed down and ready for wear. At this point, you are free to add pants, shorts or leggings on top. You can even leave the bottoms off for restful sleep, naps and indoor play time. 

baby wearing white bodysuit

Dressing Your Baby Easily and Comfortably  

Now that you have been through this guide, you know that getting your baby dressed in a bodysuit is easier than you think. Practicing each of the steps is sure to make you feel more confident during dresses and diaper changes. Whether you are having a baby girl or a baby boy, our signature bodysuit will also make it easier to dress your child easily and comfortably. Whether you choose a Onesies® Brand bodysuit in a smart solid or an adorable print, your little one is sure to look cute. You will also have peace of mind knowing you saved time on baby’s latest outfit.

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