6 Adorable Ideas for a Fall Theme Baby Shower

6 Adorable Ideas for a Fall Theme Baby Shower

Are you expecting a child this autumn or winter? There are so many ways to make your baby shower fun and unique this fall! This list goes beyond the basics with the most adorable, on-trend fall theme baby shower ideas. Get inspired by cute décor and activities and then explore the autumn-themed snacks and party invitations. 

When you imagine yourself in one of these themes, you’ll hold a celebration you love. The right baby shower registry list will help with baby clothes and accessories for the entire season. Now, it’s time to dive into the list so you can design your party. When you’re done with the ideas, you’ll be ready to start planning with friends and family! 

1. Pumpkin Party Theme 

The pumpkin is a famous fall symbol. When you have your own “little pumpkin” on the way, it’s easy to design a cute and memorable party. Our sweetest and trendiest pumpkin shower ideas include vintage-style print invitations to announce your tiny baby gourd. Include pumpkin artwork, along with colors like cream and orange. Or choose a chic and sophisticated color scheme like brown and gold. 

Pumpkin party baby onesies and pumpkin motifs around it

With this party theme, you can infuse pumpkins in everything from décor to food. Start by creating a welcome banner for the guest reception area. If you’re crafty, this DIY yarn pumpkin garland is a chic and beautiful way to adorn your party area. You can also find supplies like string and orange construction paper to create a custom banner. 

Decorate with mini pumpkins in classic colors like orange and white. Create a twist on tradition with pumpkin décor in sage green or light blue. Serve healthy drinks and snacks for your guests like mandarin pumpkins with celery “stems.” When it’s time for dessert, there are cozy recipes to make like pumpkin spice lattes and mini pumpkin cakes. Appeal to the senses with pumpkin candles. 

Time for a fun activity? Make your baby a fall gift. Buy enough Gerber® Onesies® bodysuits for everyone on the guest list. Choose a color like orange or black. Provide enough felt shapes and glue adhesive for everyone to create their own jack o’ lantern face. Keep the cutest ones for a keepsake or use them as your child’s Halloween outfit. Let your guests know that you care with pumpkin soap party favors. Keep with your adorable fall theme and you’re sure to tie everything together! 

Decorate Gerber® Onesies® Bodysuits for Baby

2. Rustic Autumn Cabin Décor 

If you love the warm and relaxed feeling of fall, a rustic autumn cabin theme is a fun way to celebrate the season. For this welcoming baby shower, you can rent a banquet room with lodge-inspired decor. Or keep things more intimate when you turn your home into an idyllic autumn cottage. 

Start by sending invitations with a mountain lodge theme or a woodland look. Let your loved ones know you’re “warming up for baby” or “getting cozy for baby’s arrival.” Don’t forget to add your baby shower registry link to the card! 

Now it’s time to start planning your party details. If you plan on serving food, use themed wooden trays and serving plates made to look like fallen logs. Camping lanterns can replace candles. Make things even cuter with woodland creatures like foxes and squirrels. 

When it’s chilly outside, leave woven blankets on couches or rocking chairs. Light a fire or include an electric fireplace. A comfy feel will encourage your guests to stay and socialize longer. When your guests get thirsty, serve warm beverages like tea and hot cocoa. Some may also enjoy a hot mug of apple cider. Choose rustic snacks like charcuterie boards or cheese and vegetable platters. If you’re having a larger party, you can play up the rustic theme with a station for cheese fondue. 

This cozy theme offers an excellent chance to get warm and comfy baby shower gifts. The fall weather will inspire your guests to give baby bedding essentials like plush blankets and quilts. Ask for footed pajamas and pull-on leggings or joggers. Winter babies can stock up on holiday items and seasonal clothing. 

Little girl enjoying an apple orchard party with apples

3. Apple Orchard Party 

An apple orchard party is a unique and beautiful way to celebrate the upcoming birth of a child. An “apple of my eye” theme is cute and heartfelt, while rich fall reds and yellows will make for beautiful photos. Apples and apple trees make for gorgeous natural décor. They’re also the foundation for fall appetizers your guests are sure to enjoy. 

Of course, you should start with where to have your apple-themed baby shower. If you’re lucky enough to live near an apple orchard, you can ask about renting the area. Another way to create the theme is to make your outdoor space look like an orchard. Choose a grassy or tree-lined space like a public park or a corner of your backyard. 

If you know an artist, ask them to create an apple tree mural. A large orchard drawing will look inspiring in the sitting area. Other ways to spruce up your space include artificial apple trees and vases filled with faux red apples. 

Delight your guests with a DIY caramel apple bar. Along with caramel sauce, you can include tasty toppings like chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. For those who want to enjoy the sweet essence of the apple, feature serving trays with various apple slices. 

Some of the most enjoyable apple varieties include Red Delicious and Honeycrisp. Others to try are Braeburn and Ambrosia. Offer apple cider drinks and apple soap or candles as party favors. Ask guests to wear red to make the party as “apple-y” as possible. 

4. Football and Finger Foods

If you’re expecting a “little MVP” this year, then fall is the right time for a football-themed baby shower. Go the whole nine yards with game-day décor. Line tables with green tablecloths made to look like football fields. To make your own, you can use green felt and white duct tape with white number stickers. A homemade pennant banner can help you to welcome your guests. Next, grab a white paint pen to make brown balloons look like footballs. 

A football-themed baby shower means you can be casual with snacks and appetizers. Finger foods and coolers full of drinks will give off a tailgating vibe. Play up the theme with a special “concessions” table. Feature hot dogs and popcorn so guests will feel like they’re at the field. Put a game of football on television but leave it on mute. Everyone can keep up with the highlights while they socialize. 

A fall football baby shower is an excellent opportunity to create cute newborn clothing. Pass around baby bodysuits in your favorite team colors. Give your guests decals and letters so they can make their own tiny football jerseys. The best designs win a prize and are featured in photos this season. Another idea is to have a contest for who brings the most baby wipes or cloth diapers. The winner gets a couple of tickets to an upcoming home game. 

Play a game of football bingo to decide who gets to take home team apparel. When it’s time to open presents, you’re sure to get plenty of athletic baby clothing. Some other cute and sporty baby gifts include slip-on sneakers and ball caps. Send your guests home with cups or mugs commemorating the shower. Add your football colors and fonts so it almost feels like it’s a branded item. You’ll draw on the competitive spirit as you get ready to welcome your baby. At the same time, your guests will have fun as they cheer on the newest member of their team. 

Shop for Fall-Themed Newborn Clothing 

5. Falling for You Theme 

An autumn “falling for you” theme is special for parents because it focuses on the love you have for your baby. It also features fall leaves, a beautiful and celebrated part of the season. If you start shopping at the right time, it’s easy to find fall décor that matches. Leaf garlands and napkin holders can quickly make your party room feel like an enchanted autumn forest. 

Small young child enjoying a "Falling for You" autumn party

Choose colors like burgundy red and golden yellow to capture the theme. Neutral-colored table runners in natural woven materials will help to create a cozy and attractive space. Don’t forget to have cozy sitting areas with comfy blankets and plush pillows. 

Play up the baby shower theme with balloons in the same fall colors. Add leafy wreaths and tablecloths. Instead of vases with flowers, choose bunches of autumn leaves with wheat or berries. Ask guests to leave well wishes for the baby and family on large colorful pieces of paper made to look like autumn leaves. Or hold a fun contest where attendees guess how many faux leaves are in a jar to win a prize. 

Serve warm, cozy drinks along with cute cookies made to look like leaves and acorns. Play relaxing acoustic music to keep with the laid-back theme. If you’re looking for food inspiration, pumpkin and apple recipes are always welcome at a fall baby shower. 

6. Little Turkey Party 

Why not have some fun with your baby shower? A “little turkey” party is unique and seasonal. You’ll make guests laugh when they open an invitation shaped like a holiday bird. Be sure to include your baby registry information when you ask them to RSVP to a turkey-themed event unlike any other. 

Of course, your décor should feature as many turkeys as possible. An easy solution is to take your holiday turkey decorations from storage. Use them to decorate your buffet tables or welcome area. Add a little sophistication with colors that go well with the turkey theme. Chic and on-trend color combinations include brown and white and burgundy and gold. 

Include delicious turkey recipes and “faux-turkey” inspired plant-based snacks that aren’t Thanksgiving dinner. Buffalo wing-inspired turkey legs and bacon-wrapped turkey pieces are delicious and savory enough for a rustic fall event. You can also create a fresh turkey sandwich bar and plant-based meat bar with rotisserie meat and seasonal toppings. 

Celebrate the baby with turkey handcrafts featuring greetings and well wishes. Your loved ones will feel like they’re kids again while you make memorable keepsakes. Save them for your little one or make them into a holiday garland. The positive messages will be worth reading over and over. 

Washington Commanders onesie for baby

Having a Memorable Fall Theme Baby Shower 

The gorgeous colors and images of fall are sure to inspire your baby shower. Whether you’re expecting your baby in autumn or winter, your fall baby shower will give you a chance to celebrate the season. Stock up on warm and cozy newborn clothes and accessories. It’s also an excellent time to get plush blankets and baby bedding. 

Save your print invitations and take plenty of photos! You and your baby will look back on this as an important moment. The time you take to plan your party will be special to you and your family. Whatever theme you choose, you’re sure to look back fondly on your autumn baby shower for years to come. 

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