5 Ways to Save Money on Clothes with a Newborn

Babies are nothing but amazing blessings in our lives, but they’re also pretty expensive. From hospital bills to diapers, your wallet may be feeling a bit lighter if you just welcomed your newborn into the world. Luckily, we have some practical tips and tricks to help you budget where you can on baby clothing and essentials. 

Twin newborn babies hug each other lying down on heart-shaped blanket


1. Prioritize the Essentials

While intricate dresses and baby suspenders are adorable, they’re not exactly the most practical (nor blowout-friendly) items for a newborn. Your little bundle of joy will be sleeping 14-17 hours every 24 hours, so think about comfy clothing for your newborn. Our top recommendations would be to order sleepwear, Onesies® bodysuits and bedding.

Multi-pack Sleep 'N Plays: Our versatile Sleep 'N Plays are made with soft cotton jersey and feature a front zipper for quick and easy changes. Super comfy and perfect for nearly anywhere goes, you'll save money with this simple one-piece outfit. And to save even more, look for a multi-pack of baby boy or baby girl Sleep 'N Plays!

6-Pack Mitten Cuff Baby Onesies® Bodysuits : These are an essential staple for any baby! The 100% cotton rib makes them soft and breathable. You will appreciate the convenience the higher-in-the-front bottom snap closure brings to changing diapers. The attached mitten cuffs easily tuck little hands away, protecting the face from sharp fingernails.

Fitted Crib Sheet: Our adorable cotton fitted sheets are perfect for sleepy babies and tired toddlers! Made with elastic edges, each sheet will fit safe and snug on any standard size crib mattress.

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2. Shop Doorbusters

Everyone loves a good deal, especially when you can shop baby clothing starting at only $3! From outfits to everyday essentials, find the best sale on baby clothing in our Doorbusters. We had our essentials independently certified with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, so you know we don’t sacrifice quality for affordability. And the best part is, the deals change every week, so if you don't find what you're looking for, just check back later!

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3. Join our free Rewards Program

It’s simple. With our Grow-With-Us Perks® rewards program, create an account to earn points every time you shop on our website. $1 Spent = 1 Point, $10 Reward = 100 Points! And yes, it’s completely free and easy to sign up—you'll even receive 10 free points once you're registered. Trust us, these points add up quick, and you’ll be able saving in no time.

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4. Cloth Diapers

Before you give us that look—hear us out! Disposable diapers are expensive. If you go through eight diapers a day, after 365 days, you’ll have used 2,920 diapers in one year. That’s over $500 a year on diapers for just one of your kiddos! Plus, cloth diapers are the more sustainable choice which is always a great perk. Consider cloth diapers for your newborn and check out our available options.

20-Pack White Prefold Birdseye Cloth Diapers: Our Birdseye prefold diapers are made of a Birdseye weave fabric woven from many small fine yarns in a pattern that provides a soft, absorbent diaper that is quick drying. Prefold panels make it easier to use and ideal for burp cloths. Twenty diapers allow extra to throw in the diaper bag for those unexpected messes.

10-Pack Cotton Prefold Birdseye Cloth Diapers with Absorbent Pad: They're pre-folded for convenience and include an absorbent pad that increases their effectiveness. Rather than tossing them into the garbage after use like disposables, just toss them into the washer and dryer. They'll be cleaned and ready for reuse quickly. They're designed to stand up to frequent washing, saving you money and keeping extra waste out of the landfill, too.

5. Take Care of Your Baby Clothes

Cleaning your newborn’s clothing is a little different than washing your own. While you may have no issue using the cheapest detergent on the shelf or mixing your cozy sweaters with your partner’s athletic jersey, there’s a specific way to launder an infant’s outfits. This is not only so they stand the test of time and save you money—but more importantly, so they don’t irritate baby’s sensitive skin. For more on how to care for baby clothes, read our blog here.

Finances can be stressful, especially while welcoming a newborn into your life. Remember to take one day at a time—you’re doing a great job! We’re here for you.

What are some other tips and tricks you’ve learned in your parenting journey? Share more with us on social @gerberchildrenswear.

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