5 Tips for Safe and Fun Baby Bath Time

Baby bath time produces some of the most adorable pictures and memorable experiences of your first months together. From too-cute towels to snuggles with cozy blankets afterwards, bath time is the perfect opportunity to bond with your baby! And while January is National Bath Safety Month, it’s always the right time to ensure a safe and fun bath time for your baby.

baby sitting on bed in white unicorn hooded towel looking at mother

As an essential part of infant hygiene and care, baby bath time requires careful attention. Here are five tips crucial to ensure a safe and fun bathing experience for your little ones.

  1. How much water should I use for baby bath? Fill the bathtub with just enough water to cover your child's legs. Too much water increases the risk of accidents, even in shallow tubs. Around 2 inches of water should be sufficient.
  2. Should I use soap on an infant? Using soap on a newborn can dry out their skin. If soap is necessary, look for paraben free products. When preparing for bath time, make sure to keep all soaps, shampoos, and any other bath products out of reach but within easy access for you. This prevents accidental ingestion or spillage.

TIP: Make sure to gather everything you’ll need for bath time before placing your baby in the tub. Never leave a young child unattended in the bath. It only takes a few inches of water for accidents to happen. Always stay within arm’s reach, and if you need to step away, even for a moment, wrap your child in a towel and take them with you.

toddler in white bodysuit leans over sink holding washcloths
  1. What temperature should the bath water be? Always test the water temperature before placing your child in the bath. Optimal water temperature should be comfortably warm, around 37-38°C (98-100°F). Use a thermometer to ensure accuracy and prevent scalding or discomfort.
  2. How do I prepare a bathtub for my baby? Invest in non-slip mats or stickers for the bathtub to prevent slipping accidents. Additionally, consider using a supportive bath seat or appropriate baby bathtub to keep your child secure and stable during the bath.
  3. What do I need for baby bath time? Gently scrub baby clean using terry cotton baby washcloths and warm water to avoid drying out their sensitive skin. Soft, high-quality baby boy towels and baby girl towels and gender-neutral bath robe are ideal for delicate skin and are made from soft, absorbent fabrics that dry quickly, reducing the risk of chills or skin irritations.
baby sitting in hooded elephant towel on bathroom rug playing with rubber duck

TIP: Familiarize yourself with basic CPR techniques for infants and young children. In case of emergencies, this knowledge could prove invaluable while waiting for medical assistance.

Your bath time routine creates a nurturing and secure environment for baby, and National Bath Safety Month serves as a reminder to reevaluate and improve bathing practices, ensuring that each experience is a safe and cherished bonding moment!