5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Baby Take-Home Outfit

When getting ready to welcome your new baby, it’s easy to get dazzled by all the ultra-cute clothing available in infant sizes. When you’re choosing a baby take-home outfit, though, it’s essential to put comfort first. That’s our priority at Gerber Childrenswear when we design our adorable children’s wear. We believe that comfort can be cute, contemporary and cost-effective. 

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1. Choose an Outfit That Suits the Weather

Take the season and the weather report into account before you select your baby’s first outfit. For example, a sweater-knit jumpsuit may be too warm for July, while a short-sleeved romper may be just right. 

To be prepared for weather changes, consider layers. A Gerber Childrenswear Take-Me-Home Set includes long pants, a hat and a kimono. Add a couple of our short-sleeved Gerber® Onesies® bodysuits, and you’ll have several options when it’s time to bring your newborn home.

Include a receiving blanket to cover up your baby in the car seat, and you’re ready for any weather. The key is your baby’s comfort. 

2. Make Sure It’s Car-seat Friendly

Car seats can be challenging for new parents, but you can dress your newborn to simplify that first car ride. Although you may be tempted to swaddle your baby for the trip home, you can’t strap a swaddled infant into a car seat. The shoulder and crotch straps must be securely fastened for safety. 

For the same reason, avoid snuggle sacks and gowns when choosing your baby’s going-home outfit. Instead, consider a bodysuit, shorts, or one-piece pajamas, all car-seat friendly. When you choose Gerber Childrenswear Sleep ‘N Play PJs, you can pop your newborn right from the car seat into the bassinet without worrying about discomfort. 

2. Keep It Simple To Slip On and Off

newborn baby on bed

Some going-home outfits are more fashionable than practical. Try to strike a balance between convenience and fashion. For example, tiny denim overalls are certainly precious, but soft baby girl pajamas in a snazzy print are both eye-catching and easier to slip onto your wiggly newborn daughter. They are more comfortable for your baby, too. 

Gerber® Onesies® bodysuits have easy-on features like expandable lap shoulder necklines that make slipping past your baby’s head easier. Bottom snaps help keep dressing simple with easy access for diaper changes. 

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3. Consider the Sizing

Once you decide on the kind of newborn going-home outfit you want, choosing the size is the next tough decision. One way to go is the most intuitive: A newborn baby will need the newborn size. However, this might not always be the case as there is also a preemie size and a 0-3 months size. Which one is the right one?

If you have a general idea of your baby’s size prior to birth, you should plug that weight into a size chart to choose clothing that will fit the best. Many parents like to choose one size up, so there’s room to grow. 

4. Look for Cozy, Chemical-free Fabrics

newborn in lemon outfit

It’s a good strategy to purchase baby clothing made of natural, chemical-free fibers. You’ll find the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification on Gerber Childrenswear infant essentials. This affirms that the textiles contain no harmful substances that could irritate your newborn’s delicate skin.

5. Think About Colors

Color is always something to keep in mind when you’re clothes shopping, and outfits for newborns are no exception. If you’re a traditionalist, go with pastels like pink and blue. Another option is neutral tones like white, yellow, and oatmeal. Mix it up with our dazzling baby clothes prints for more vibrant colors. 

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We have all the baby essentials to keep your newborn comfortable, snug and stylish. From perfect baby-going-home outfits to buttery soft bodysuits for tummy time, you’ll find the variety, quality and value you’re looking for at Gerber Childrenswear.

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