5 Healthy No Cook Recipes for Toddlers

Toddlers love helping out in the kitchen, so why not use that to your advantage? Get your little helper excited about healthy snacking with these five no cook recipes, perfect for tiny-handed helpers.

1. Rainbow Skewers
multi-color fruits on wood skewers
  • 1. Pre-prep the fruit of your choice in safe-sized bites, appropriate for your child’s age. We recommend one or two fruits for each color of the rainbow. Strawberries for red, bananas for yellow, etc.
  • 2. Arrange fruit in piles or bowls and help your little one create their own rainbow masterpiece by threading fruit onto blunted skewers or popsicle sticks. Bonus: This recipe is great for practicing colors!
2. Hummus Pita Pizzas
pita topped with meat and veggies
  • 1. Pre-prep the veggies and toppings of your choice in safe-sized bites, appropriate for your child’s age. Some of our favorite toppings are sliced olives, feta crumbles, and diced tomatoes and cucumbers.
  • 2. Help your child use a rubber spatula to smear hummus onto a pita and arrange toppings as they desire.
  • 3. Slice into wedges and enjoy!
3. Avocado Toast
toasted bread with avocado spread and lemon garnish
*Disclaimer: Okay so this one isn’t exactly no cook but we just couldn’t leave avo toast off the list!
  • 1. Slice up some ripe and nutritious avocado and place in a bowl. Your toddler will love smashing it up with their favorite utensil.
  • 2. Spoon onto some whole-grain toast and voila!
  • 3. For extra flare, use cookie cutters to punch out shapes in the bread before you toast. Get creative with some fun toppings like cheese crumbles, everything bagel seasoning, or keep it simple with salt and pepper.
4. Fruit Parfait
fruit and oatmeal parfait
  • 1. Pre-prep the fruit of your choice in safe-sized bites, appropriate for your child’s age, and arrange in bowls. Berries are a classic.
  • 2. Dole out yogurt and help your kiddo spoon layers of fruit, yogurt, and granola (if they are old enough to eat and if not, simply leave out!) into bowls, cups, jars, etc. Bonus points if the container is transparent!
5. Deconstructed Veggie Taco Buffet
tortillas on plate with taco toppings in various bowls
  • 1. Arrange your toddler’s favorite taco filler into bowls – shredded cheese, avocado slices, black beans, corn, diced tomato, etc. *Use canned beans and thaw some frozen corn to keep this meal no cook 😉
  • 2. Lay a soft taco shell onto a plate and let your little sous chef go to town piling up their very own taco masterpiece.
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