5 Creative Activities for Toddlers

Toddlers are always on the move! Help them stay engaged and amused with creative toddler activities. You’ll keep their adventures comfortable and stylish with Gerber® Childrenswear clothing. It’s much easier to keep toddlers busy with an array of fun and educational ideas, so check out our best ones below! 

1. Messy Play: Exploring Textures and Colors 

The best toddler sensory activities experiment with intriguing textures and colors. Take these projects outside in the backyard or on the patio! Food finger painting uses items you have in your pantry. Try common baking ingredients like flour and sugar. 

Seated at a table, a young girl is equipped with a pencil and a marker, poised for artistic endeavors.

A DIY color wheel with colorful fruits and vegetables lets your child explore natural textures and colors. They can pinch and squish food between their hands or eat it as a snack as they go. Texture collages feature colorful items to sort, like feathers and buttons.

Our durable, easy-to-clean clothing is perfect for messy play. With food or paints, let your toddler wear a Onesies® Brand bodysuit in a solid color. Darker bodysuits shield stains until you can get them in the laundry. 

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2. Music and Movement: Expressing Emotions and Developing Coordination 

Moving and dancing is a fun way to express emotions, but it can also help to develop coordination. When it’s time for a song, play kids’ tunes! Musical instruments help your child learn about counting and keeping time. 

One of the best parts about musical play for kids is that it works as an outdoor or indoor toddler activity. Take your jam session outside or save it for a rainy day! Gerber® Childrenswear’s comfortable, stretchable clothing lets toddlers move freely. 

3. Imaginative Play: Building Stories and Problem-Solving Skills 

New stories and characters let a toddler’s imagination run wild. They also help to boost problem-solving skills. Give your child ample time for toddler learning activities featuring fun props or toy food. 

toddlers playing inside

Forts and playhouses are perfect for imagining faraway places. Our playful and adorable clothing designs inspire a toddler’s imagination during pretend play. From colorful prints to inspired toddler accessories, you’ll find something that helps them get into character. 

4. Nature Exploration: Connecting With the Environment 

Why not take a walk in the woods? Outdoor toddler activities teach us about our environment, including animals and weather. You’ll show your toddler how to be healthy and what it means to get active. When you’re out in nature, you can teach the basics of eco-friendly practices. 

A porch serves as the backdrop for two young girls engrossed in playful activities, their innocence shining through.

Gerber® Childrenswear has weather-appropriate clothing options. Discover our toddler utility jackets for keeping your child comfortable in breezy or cooler weather. Cardigans and quilted hooded vests are perfect for layering with toddler long-sleeved shirts or cozy knit jogger pants. When it gets warmer, you can check out our toddler swimwear, including outfit sets and sunglasses. 

5. Storytelling and Book Exploration: Developing Language and Creativity 

There’s a reason why you can find reading events at community parks and local libraries. Reading from a young age helps develop language skills and inspires creativity. Tell stories at bedtime to help foster reading skills while soothing them into their sleepy routine.

Count on our soft and cozy clothing for cuddling up during storytime. All our toddler outfits and sets are comfy enough for a relaxing read. Reading at bedtime? Be sure to check out our toddler sleepwear. Whether your little one prefers blanket sleepers or fun PJ sets, we have something cozy and colorful for them to wear.

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