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4 Benefits of Buying Organic Baby Clothes

4 Benefits of Buying Organic Baby Clothes

If you spent time reading educational sites and baby blogs during pregnancy, you may have learned something new about the benefits of organic products. Many moms-to-be are inspired to begin using natural bath and body items to try and prevent fetal health complications, especially in the first trimester. Some parents discover the advantages of buying or making organic baby food down the road, which includes ingredients like fruits and vegetables that are free of added hormones and antibiotics.

No matter where you are in your journey with baby today, you will also be interested to know that you can help protect baby’s skin with organic baby clothes. Did your ears just perk up? Read on! In the list below, we’ll explain the top advantages of organic cotton bodysuits, sleepwear and outfits for you, so you can make the best decisions possible for you and your family.



1. No Chemicals or Pesticides

Nearly everyone loves the durability and feel of cotton. While it’s one of the most popular products and fabrics in the world, it’s also heavily sprayed with pesticides. These fancy bug sprays are intended to get your tees, sweaters and blankets to you as quickly and cheaply as possible, but the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also considers many of them, including the widely-used permethrin, to be carcinogens.

Synthetic fabrics are also a popular choice for baby clothes, but they may contain petrochemicals and plastics. Organic baby clothes are free of both cotton pesticides and a range of harmful or risky substances found on synthetic materials, which not only provides peace of mind for parents, but can help reduce the chances of baby’s skin becoming irritated. This is especially good news for children with eczema.

2. Durability

Since your little one grows so fast, the cost of buying baby clothes can really stack up. Organic cotton is just as strong and durable as regular cotton, without all of the extra sprays added to it. It’s also usually farmed with more care, so you’ll probably enjoy even better quality. You can wash shirts and pants again and again without having to worry about them falling apart or looking shabby.

When you have to replace your favorite clothing items for new ones, chances are it’ll be because your child is going through a spurt and busting out of them. Organic cotton also serves as an excellent material for gloves, beanies and hats, which are often exposed to the outdoor elements. If the accessory you purchase can fit a baby in more than one age group, you may be able to get some significant mileage out of it. We’ve even been able to use organic winter hats for two whole seasons!



3. Less Environmental Impact

If you’re like us, you want to do all you can to provide eco-friendly solutions for your family and reduce your footprint on the environment. Organic cotton farming puts less stress on nature because it ensures farmers detoxify the land that they grow their crops on, use naturally beneficial practices like crop rotation and mechanical removal of weeds and do not treat any of their seeds with fungicides.

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Since they don’t use harmful chemicals, they don’t kill the existing bugs and animals around their field. They also never use genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to get the job done. Every time you buy something organic, you’ll not only feel like you’re protecting baby, but protecting Mother Earth. It’s a good feeling to be of service to your loved ones as well as the community at large.

4. More Comfort for Baby

While your baby’s skin is much less likely to break out when they wear organic cotton, they’ll also feel more comfortable in your home and while playing outside. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a subtropical climate or a chilly region—the material will literally adapt to the conditions and help your child’s body maintain a healthy temperature.

Organic cotton material wicks away moisture and ventilates cool air, which makes baby less likely to bathe in sweat or feel too hot. Its weave will also help retain warmth in the winter. The same, small gaps that circulate a breeze into the material will also help retain thermal insulation. The unique properties of cotton make it more convenient to buy baby clothes for every season. You won’t have to worry about purchasing two types of material for the winter or summer, since organic cotton is appropriate for both island vacations and holiday snuggling.




Choosing Quality Organic Cotton Clothes for Baby

Since you want nothing but the best for baby, you can make finding the best quality organic cotton baby clothes even easier by browsing your favorite Gerber essentials made with organic cotton. Whether you need your bright whites and neutrals to last as long as possible, are looking for new organic baby clothes for girls or need to meet the needs of your growing baby boy, you’ll find the cutest, comfiest and most durable Onesies® Brand bodysuits, caps and Sleep ‘N’ Plays all in one place. There’s nothing better than protecting your little one while dressing them in one of the most dynamic and soft materials available. It feels amazing—like organic cotton!