3 Signs of Baby Growth Spurts

Nothing rings truer than the parent-ism: “They grow up so fast”

Really—one day your newborn fits in their Take-Me-Home set and they’re busting at the seams the next. We know we’re not the first to tell you the first year of infancy is filled with growth spurts. How to navigate these growth spurts is another ordeal. Like most things that come along with parenthood, growth spurts can appear out of nowhere, so it’s important to know the signs and be prepared.

What is a growth spurt exactly? It’s a time when your baby has a noticeable, rapid period of growth. This growth can be both in size, but also brain development—how cool!

Here are a few signs to keep a lookout for when decoding whether or not your baby is experiencing a growth spurt:

Frequent Feeding

Increase in appetite? Hunger not satisfied after a regular portion? Your little eater may be going through a growth spurt! According to Heathline, “If your baby is suddenly very interested in cluster feeding or doesn’t seem as satisfied after finishing their bottle of breast milk or formula, they may just have an increased appetite to match the demands of their growing body.”

Change in Sleep Pattern

If your baby does show an increase in feedings, this may also interrupt their sleep routine (aka your sleep routine). Whether they’re waking up early from naps or calling out for a midnight snack, this is an indicator that your baby is increasing in length!

Fussiness Galore

When your baby is hungrier than normal and not getting their regular rest, some crankiness could occur. We don’t know what else to call it other than literal “growing pains.”

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