24 Months vs. 2T: What’s the Difference?

Baby clothes are adorable, but infant and toddler-size charts can feel like a guessing game. Some children’s sizes look identical and cause confusion. Like, is 2T the same as 24 months for baby clothing? Let us show you the difference between 24 months and 2T. All babies grow at their own pace, but this guide can help you compare 24 months vs. 2T clothing to get the right Gerber® Childrenswear outfits for your family. 

Understanding 24 Months Size 

When you shop for cute clothing like baby girl bottoms or baby boy tops, you’ll see they’re labeled by age instead of weight or height. The number on the label symbolizes the oldest age intended for the garment design. For example, the 24 months size is part of the baby size chart for children between 18 and 24 months. Every baby is unique, but this age range can help you find the right fit for your little one. If you aren’t sure about their size, try on a few outfits to decide on the best fit.  

Don’t let confusion about sizing get in the way, get the perfect fit every time!

Understanding 2T Size 

Size 2T clothing is part of the toddler fit chart, which means the sizing differs from baby clothing. The name “2T” symbolizes the youngest age intended for the garment. For example, the 2T size is for a 2-year-old or 3-year-old child. Parents can review the toddler size chart to see the size’s typical weight or height. This sizing information can help guide you to the best clothing for your little one. It’s also fun to try on different styles!

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Differences Between 24 Months and 2T Sizes

Some baby and toddler size charts consider 24M and 2T to be the same size. The idea is that the garment is for the same weight and height range. However, there are distinct differences in measurement and fit. Some of these distinctions are: 

Measurement Differences 

Every clothing brand is different, so some 24 months and 2T sizes differ by a few pounds or inches. For example, the waist on one pair of baby jeans may feel a bit tighter than another. You may also notice that the height and weight ranges differ between brands or styles. 

Fit Differences 

Size 24 months includes features specially designed for babies. For example, baby bottoms and pants in a 24-month size feature a curved design to fit diapers. The 2T size won’t have the extra room, appearing slimmer and feeling snugger than size 24 months. 2T pants usually feature straighter lines than 24-month pants or joggers, giving them a distinct “big kid” style. 

Usage Differences 

Some parents have their child wear a 24-month size at night with their training pants and then dress them in a stylish pair of 2T pants for the daytime. However, 2T pants are without the convenient snaps at the bottom, so parents may prefer to use a cute pair of 24-month pants when potty training their child. 

Size 24 months features adorable infant designs, while 2T toddler clothing showcases different trends. The sweet patterns and animal prints on baby clothes transition into bright colors toddlers love to wear. As your little one switches to a new size chart, they’ll be excited about all the fun options! 

Choosing the Right Size for Your Little One 

Now that you know more about 24 months vs. 2T, you can shop for the best clothing for your child! First, consider matching your baby’s height and weight to the clothing size chart. This simple activity may help you get a more accurate fit and buy clothing faster. 

Next, think about your child’s clothing fit. Decide whether you need extra room in the bottoms for diapers or prefer snaps to make easier diaper changes. Some garments are for daycare or a stylish photo session. In this case, you may like to dress them in a “big kid” 2T style. Trying on different sizes can help you decide what works for your child’s comfort and body type. Sizing can also vary between clothing styles, so check the sizing chart and read customer reviews before purchasing. 

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Comfortable, Well-Fitting Baby and Toddler Clothing 

All babies and toddlers are unique, especially when it comes to clothing! The outfits that work for one family may not fit another. Let our 24 months vs. 2T guide be your starting point to discover the cutest and most comfortable garments for your child. When you use your love and judgment and consider your baby’s clothing preferences, selecting the correct sizes will be much easier!

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