20 Baby Boy Nursery Ideas That Are Cute, Fun and Practical

Figuring out your nursery theme can be an exciting task on your pre-baby checklist. From rocking and feeding to reading and playing, you’re sure to spend a lot of time in your child’s nursery. That’s why it’s important to choose a theme you love that you feel will be the right fit for your baby.

Nursery themes will often dictate things like your color scheme, bedding, decor, furniture, baby toys and more. Your theme can also inspire what newborn clothing is at the top of your list, what to add to your registry, and what to ask for from friends and family looking for gift ideas. Keep reading to see 20 boy nursery ideas that are worth considering. 

1. Beary Cute Nursery

Bears are an adorable idea for a baby boy nursery. Explore bear toy storage baskets, cub wall decals, baby bear children’s books and stuffed bears. Consider buying or making a baby mobile featuring cute and fuzzy characters and coordinate them with bear-themed crib bedding. Then, stock up your dresser and closet with bear outfits from Gerber Childrenswear so your cub will fit right in. 

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2. Safari Adventure

Another nursery idea to consider for your new baby boy is going on a safari. Picture a leopard piggy bank, faux furry zebra skin rug, jungle safari truck puzzle, giraffe rocker, large potted jungle plant and rattan ceiling lamp. Consider all the natural elements you experience when walking through a jungle or traveling over desert plains and bring them into your child’s space. Your little explorer will look right at home with a collared button-up and toy binoculars. This can create the perfect photo op when you take monthly milestone pictures. 

baby animals boy nursery

3. Baby Animals

A zoo, forest, or farm animal theme is a creative nursery idea. You can choose from a funny fox, a cute cow, an entertaining elephant, and so many more. With so many animals to choose from, it should be easy to select decorative lamps, wall decals, stuffed animals, toys and books to stay on theme. Once you choose an animal or three, you can incorporate that into everything from their clothing to a stuffed animal toy. 

4. Over the Rainbow

If you’re looking to create a colorful room for your child, a rainbow theme could be just the ticket. Rainbows are also a gender-neutral option that you can carry over if you decide to add another child to the family. Rainbows complement a modern design aesthetic, especially when you focus on the warm coral, orange, and mustard hues. Check out rainbow decor with fringe clouds, soft rainbow rugs, cloud lamps and weather-themed mobiles. Then, shop for a colorful baby boy Gerber® Onesies® bodysuit. 

5. Little Traveler

Consider a travel-themed nursery if you love to travel and know you’ll bring your little boy along on some adventures. This allows you to incorporate trains, planes, boats, suitcases, maps and other travel essentials. Add a scratch-off map to mark off everywhere you go and install shelving to showcase meaningful souvenirs. If you plan to get your child T-shirts, bibs or other souvenirs from your trips, stock up on basic pants and bodysuits so you’re prepared to put together the perfect travel ensemble. 

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6. Seaside Serenity

Nothing is quite as serene and relaxing as being by the sea. Bring this peace to your nursery with sailboats, lighthouses, whales, fish and other sea-inspired details. You can complete the aesthetic with navy blues, reds and tans paired with sand-colored flooring and baby-blue walls. Then, think about adding baby clothing featuring boats and sea creatures to your wish list. 

7. Tropical Oasis

Turn your nursery into a tropical oasis: add plenty of greenery, and combine different textures with plants, woven rugs, rattan baskets, botanical wallpaper and deep-colored wooden shelving. You can add playful touches with a toucan lamp, tall plush giraffe or monkey mobile. Go the extra mile with palm-leaf monthly milestone cards and banana baby boy clothing.

toddler space travel outfit

8. Space Travel

You never know what your child might want to be when he grows up, and it could be an astronaut! Cater to your little one’s imagination by creating a space-themed nursery. Put stars on the ceiling, purchase a moon lamp and experiment with other celestial details. Don’t forget to explore Gerber Childrenswear’s cute baby boy clothes. You might find options with stars on them or black-and-white outfits to complement the night sky theme. 

9. All About His Name

If you’re unsure which theme will suit your baby boy’s personality, consider featuring this name as the nursery theme. Personalized baby blankets, giant letters for the wall, or name banners can all be the focal point for a custom nursery. When you use his name as the central theme, you can choose whatever color scheme you want, making it easy to shop for clothing and other baby accessories. 

10. Forest Animals

Woodland and forest animals are other ideal themes, with many different woodsy patterns to explore. Paint tall pine trees on the walls, grab a floor cushion that looks like a slab of wood and consider crib bedding and accessories with woodland animals. These include bears, moose, squirrels, foxes, raccoons and owls, which are also cute on newborn baby boy clothes. 

nursery idea black and white contrast

11. Black and White Contrast

A black-and-white nursery theme can complement a simple, minimalist style. Plus, black and white will appeal to your baby as he starts to explore the world around him. Black and white stripes, checkered patterns or even polka dots can create a stylish look. Paint the walls bright and light, and add contrast with black decor such as his name in the black script above his dresser. 

12. Dinos, Dinos, Dinos

Dinosaurs are a popular boy nursery theme. Bronchiosaurses, stegosauruses and T-rex dinosaurs will help you create the theme. Keep it simple with dinosaur dresser knobs and a small dino plush on your rocker, or go big with a dinosaur rocker and prehistoric wallpaper. Gerber Childrenswear can help you dress your baby in roaring-good clothing with dinosaur blankets, shoes, pants and more. 

wearing dinosaur outfit

13. Aspiring Musician

A music-themed nursery is a unique option, especially if there is a love for music in the family. Prop a children’s guitar in the corner, add music notes to the wall and envision an old-fashioned music box on the dresser. There are many creative ways to incorporate a musical theme in the baby’s room, and it’s one that can evolve as they grow up and develop their taste. 

14. Little Book Worm

Many parents love reading to their children, starting during the very early weeks. You can create a nursery around one of your favorite storybooks or simply use books as your main design. Make your bookshelves a centerpiece, and keep some of your favorites in a basket. Invest in your child’s comfort with soft plush blankets and cozy pajamas to create the perfect atmosphere for cozying up with a good book. 

15. National Parks

National parks offer a sense of adventure and bring geographical features from across the country into your little one’s room. From Zion and Glacier to Yellowstone and Arcadia, think about how mountains, canyons, waterfalls and coastlines would look in your nursery space. There are custom posters, signs, pillows and other park-themed accessories to consider. The park theme also pairs seamlessly with other outdoor and nature items. 

16. Little Birds

A bird nursery may not be the first thing that pops into your mind, but it’s worth thinking about. Lofty trees, bird nests, speckled eggs and feathers can foster a whimsical setting for your baby boy. Bluebirds, cardinals, finches and other songbirds can add colorful touches to the room. With the birds being the main point of color in the room, you can use white, baby blue, butter yellow and other soft hues throughout the rest of your space. 

whimsical hot air balloons

17. Whimsical Hot Air Balloons

Hot air balloons are bright and colorful additions to a baby’s room. You can craft a dreamy aesthetic with clouds on the ceiling, hot air balloons on the wall and a balloon-shaped bookshelf. You can even step outside the box and mix in some old-fashioned airplanes and helicopters or set the tone by having your hot air balloons soar over mountaintops, cityscapes or the countryside. 

18. Sports Fan

Football, soccer, baseball and golf are all sports you can incorporate into a sport-themed nursery. There is plenty of sporty nursery decor to choose from, with a wooden basketball name sign, baseball glove pillow and wall prints showcasing animals playing your favorite sports. If you have a team you’re particularly fond of, consider incorporating its colors into the space. 

19. Under the Sea

Under-the-sea nurseries are sure to be a hit with your little one. You can pretend the nursery is underwater by decorating the walls with sea creatures like whales, dolphins, sharks, starfish, seahorses, fish, lobsters, sea turtles and more. There are many different opportunities to accessorize with this theme, such as with coral lamps, an ocean sound machine and ocean-inspired toys. 

toddler in sea themed outfit

20. Farm Animals

When exploring some of the top baby boy nursery themes, you will surely come across farm animals. Farm themes are a fun way to bring in bright colors and kid-friendly animals. Maybe you’ll use a sliding barn door on the nursery with a rustic wooden dresser and crib. You can get cow-patterned bedding, a traditional rocking horse, and a piggy bank to bring in all the most popular farm animals. Don’t forget to look for farm animal outfits, too, so your little one can participate in the theme. 

Final Thoughts

Putting together a nursery can be a very exciting time for you and your partner. Think ahead by envisioning different nursery themes and discussing what you think will be the best fit for your little boy. With options from safari and zoo animals to sports and space, there is truly an option to suit all style preferences and personalities. 

When you decide on a theme, incorporate it into your baby’s wardrobe and accessories. Gerber Childrenswear has an array of baby blankets, shoes, bodysuits, pants and much more that will help you express your baby’s budding style. 


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