10 Things To Know (& Love!) About Newborns

Is there anything more magical than cuddling a newborn? While their sweet baby smell and adorable, tiny toes are no secret, here are ten things you may not know about newborns. Spoiler Alert: Those first few weeks are not exactly glamorous!

1 Their tonsils have tastebuds.

Babies have a super sense when it comes to taste and can detect all the nuanced flavors in breastmilk and formula. That’s why when most babies start eating solid foods, they usually love the foods their mothers ate while breastfeeding.

2 Birth Marks

Often referred to as “stork bites” or “angel kisses”, many babies are born with pink or red spots on their neck, eyelids, ears, head, and face. Some babies are born with flat, bluish birthmarks. No matter the color, most birthmarks disappear after a few years.

3 Keep their belly dry while it heals.

After your baby’s umbilical cord is severed, they’re left with an umbilical “stump.” This stump of tissue will dry up and fall off within the first couple weeks, but until it does it’s important to keep it clean and dry. We recommend dressing your newborn in comfy clothes that aren’t too tight and won’t tug on their tummy. Our baby boy gowns, baby girl gowns, and side snap essentials are perfect for those first few weeks.

baby wearing side snap outfit

4 Tiny Tummies

Newborns are born with stomachs roughly the size of a cherry and can hold only about a teaspoon of milk. By the end of the first month, their stomachs will grow to about the size of a chicken egg and can hold about 2.5-5 oz.

5 Smiles aren’t immediate.

Babies don’t start really smiling or cooing until about the 6-week mark. Even though most of your “conversations” with your little one in the beginning may feel one-sided or met with cries, know that your efforts to comfort them are making a world of difference in your baby’s well-being.

baby sleeping in yellow bodysuit

6 Cone heads are common!

If your baby is born vaginally, they’re likely to have a conical shape to their sweet little noggin. But don’t worry, it’s a totally normal reaction caused by the squeeze of traveling through the birth canal and should round out in just a few days or weeks.

7 Babies can be a bit… well, furry.

Lanugo is the fine, light or dark hair that covers baby’s body in the womb. In most cases, it falls off before birth, but it’s not uncommon (especially with preemies) that it sticks around for the first month or so of baby’s life.

8 Black poop?

Your baby’s first poop, called meconium, is thick, tar-like and will be green or black in color. It’s sticky and hard to clean, but at least there’s no smell! And it typically doesn’t last longer than the first day or two.

baby sleeping in white top and gray pants

9 Baby “Boobs”

You know that rollercoaster of hormones that accompanies pregnancy? Those hormones affect babies too. Sometimes it can cause them to develop breast tissue in the womb, giving them the appearance of large breasts. Don’t worry, in most cases it’s totally normal and will go away in time.

10 Don’t blink, you’ll have a toddler before you know it!

This one may seem obvious but while you’re in the thick of new parent exhaustion, elbow deep in diapers, you might dream of skipping ahead to their first birthday. Remember to cherish this special time, because as cliché as it sounds, it’ll be over before you know it.


side view of dark-haired mother wearing white and holding infant

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