10 Must-Haves for a Baby Gift Basket

Whether you’re looking for a creative baby shower gift or you want to congratulate a couple on their new bundle of joy, a baby gift basket is always a thoughtful idea. A basket full of goodies for the baby is something every parent will appreciate, especially if it’s filled with practical items that they’re sure to use. 

But let’s face it—buying a baby gift basket online can be super expensive. Why not make a DIY baby gift basket instead? That way, you can hand-pick baby items to suit the parents’ specific needs while giving your gift a personalized touch to make it extra special. 

To help get you started, here are 10 must-haves to put in a baby gift basket that new and expecting parents are sure to appreciate.

1. Burp Cloths: New parents can never have too many burp cloths. Mom and dad will use these daily to protect their outfits from baby spit-up. They’re also handy for cleaning up random messes and gently wiping the baby’s chin.

2. Baby Bodysuits: Fancy baby clothes are adorable and all, but new parents will get far more use out of a gift basket stocked with baby bodysuits in varying sizes. Plus, you can roll them up into a cute cupcake or a flower design to make your gift stand out (check out a DIY cupcake onesie tutorial here).

newborn lying down feet up in air

3. Swaddle Blankets: Any gift that is designed to help a newborn get to sleep is practically guaranteed to be a winner at a baby shower. Baby swaddle blankets come in super-cute designs and serve a variety of purposes. They can be used as an impromptu playmat for the baby, a nursing cover for mom, an emergency bib—you name it!

4. Baby Socks: Baby socks that are crafted to stay put on the baby’s feet are always nice to receive. Throw in a few pairs of quality baby socks to keep the baby’s little piggies warm as they grow.

5. Diapers: According to Babylist, a single baby can go through an average of 2,200 disposable diapers in their first year alone. In other words, giving diapers as a baby shower gift is probably a safe bet! Keep in mind, however, that some parents prefer to use cloth diapers over disposables. If the couple doesn’t have a registry, you might want to ask a close family friend what diaper style they’re using before you accidentally buy the wrong thing.

6. Diaper Bag Essentials: Although many parents prefer to choose their own diaper bag, that doesn’t mean you can’t help them fill it with a few essentials. Consider stocking your baby gift basket with extra diapers, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, baby cream, a foldaway changing pad and other diaper bag must-haves. 

7. Stuffed Animal: No baby gift basket is truly complete until it has a cute stuffed animal nestled in between all the diapers and baby burp cloths. If your gift basket has a theme, try to find a stuffed animal that ties into the theme (e.g., a fox stuffed animal for a woodland theme).

8. Books: It’s never too early for parents to start reading to their little one. Choose a fun baby book that matches your theme and that parents will cherish for years to come.

mom reading book to baby

9. Grooming Essentials: Infant nail clippers, a comb, a nasal aspirator and other newborn grooming essentials are bound to be used eventually. Consider filling a cute travel pouch with newborn essentials that parents can quickly toss in their diaper bag when they leave the house.

10. Something Special for Mom: OK, so this is probably more of a “nice-to-have” rather than a “must-have,” but throwing in something special for the mom-to-be is a super sweet gesture. Consider getting her a prenatal massage or a meal-delivery service. Your kind gesture will blow her away and is sure to make your baby gift basket the best she’s ever received!

Add a Personal Touch

The best baby gift baskets are ones that come from the heart. As you shop for items for the baby, think of ways you can add a personal touch to your gift. Our friends at How To Heat Press have a heap of ideas for how to customize our Gerber® baby essentials. Hand-picking items that the parents-to-be will love is a great start. You can also personalize the baby’s blankets and bibs with their name or initials. If you’re close with the couple, a sentimental note is always nice to receive.  And if you’re looking for cute items to add to your baby gift basket, Gerber Childrenswear is always happy to help!

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