Behind the Designs | Our Softest Edit

Ever wonder what brought about all the wonderfully adorable designs featured on Gerber baby clothes?

Well, now is your chance to find out with our exclusive new series, Behind the Designs.

In our episode, we take you to the heart of New York City with a look at 2022's trendy new Our Softest Edit collection for babies and toddlers. Watch the full video to hear Donna DeBoer, a designer at Gerber Childrenswear, talk with us about the inspiration and features that make our Our Softest Edit fashionable while ensuring our products are always safe for baby. Don't worry though, we've also pulled out the highlights for those who prefer to read.

Warning: spoilers ahead!

Kayla: "Welcome back to behind the designs. We're here with Donna. We're here to talk about our new collection launch in this fall and would you like to tell us more about it."

Donna: "I would love to. We're super excited about it. It's our new fabric for us at Gerber Childrenswear. It's predominantly viscose produced using some eucalyptus fibers. Not only is it sustainably sourced, but also has an amazingly soft hand feel which we know parents and gift-givers love. It is super stretchy so that it moves with the baby. There's a huge comfort level with that."

Kayla: "Hmm, yes."

Donna: We also are using a printing process that we don't normally use on a lot of the products we do. These are all digitally printed and really what that means is the way it's printed. It keeps the fabric and the product. Super soft so that you don't even feel all the printing or the color that's on the garment and the other attribute of that is that it you have a greater depth of color a more watercolor effect. The number of colors that we can put into one print is much more than what we normally do on our hundred percent cotton line"

Kayla: "Gotcha"

Donna: "We've developed I think five different silhouettes. We have a dress perfect for twirls and headbands to match. We did a footed union suit a two-piece type fitting PJ. And a romper one of the other things that we love about some of the silhouettes that we have on the union suit the zipper is two-way for ease of changing and dressing the child. So the zipper goes both ways, which makes it easy to get on or off. We also have a tab closure at the neck which protects the babies chin and neck when the zipper is fully pulled up and even though the garments especially for the older sizes are tight fitting because of the spandex in the fabric. It still is super comfortable for the child to wear"

Kayla: "Thank you so much."

Donna: "You're welcome. I'm also one of the thing I want to mention is that we have about 10 different prints that we've created about five printing girl five prints and boy and of course. You can put them on both boy and girl any way you want and then we've developed also about eight solid colors in all the silhouettes. So there's a greater array of product to choose and mix and match. So you love feel of the fabric and you love the way it wears. There's lots of silhouettes to choose from."

Kayla: "Thanks Donna!"

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