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A Workout So Easy, Your Kid Can Do It With You!

A Workout So Easy, Your Kid Can Do It With You!

Before this year, it was hard enough to find the time to exercise while parenting a little tot. Now, between working from home and homeschooling, intentions of getting up and getting active seem near impossible. But that’s why we’re here to share a quick workout you can do with your child by your side! 

The first step is getting your little one excited about this new venture with you. We suggest ordering them a couple fun workout items from our New Balance collection. With styles available for kids of all ages, New Balance is your one-stop shop for active apparel for your kiddos! 




Warm up with a Jog

Get the heart rate up with a 1 – 2 minute jog around your backyard or down the sidewalk. This will help warm up your muscles for the rest of the workout.

Jump Rope

Grab your jump ropes and go for 30 seconds at a time. Repeat this twice. For an extra challenge, try double under jumps. This is when your jump rope passes under your feet twice per jump.

Forward Lunges

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and step one leg forward in a long stride into a lower lunge. Try doing 10 forward lunges on each leg at a time. For this exercise, feel free to hold weights.

Inchworm Pushups

Start standing tall. Then place your hands down on the ground near your toes, keeping your legs as straight as possible. Walk out to a push up position on your hands, and then press down and up for a complete pushup. Do about 10 of these if you can!

Kettlebell Lifts

Okay, not everyone has a Kettelbell at home, so try using a full handle of laundry detergent or a fill a jug of water! Bend at the knees, keep your back straight and using one arm at a time, lift and swing your weight up at eye-level. Repeat this 10-15 times on both arms. 

End the workout with some stretches and plenty of water! For more kid activewear, shop here.