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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Kids That Aren’t Full of Sugar

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Kids That Aren’t Full of Sugar

While we love Valentine’s Day sweets, we also love keeping to a low-sugar menu for the family whenever we can. So forget the chocolate boxes this year and read on as we share some gift ideas for your little Valentines.

Gerber Childrenswear Love Changing Pad

For the Baby

One way to spread the love with your littlest ones is to spruce up their nursery. Update their changing pad cover with this lovely organic cover.

Gerber Childrenswear Love Pillows

Add something soft and sweet to your nursing chair like this duo pillow and blanket. This decorative pillow features a cute and simple design that complements any room. And the super-soft baby blanket features an adorable “Love” print on a lush petal pink background, and is made with a fuzzy Sherpa back for extra-comfy snuggles.

Complete the holiday with cozy outfits baby will love. Shop here!

For the Kids

Bring out the glitter glue, ready the tie-dye, and let them make their own Valentine’s Day shirts! Using one of our solid long sleeve shirts, let your toddlers craft to their hearts’ content.


For ultimate sibling love, encourage your toddler to decorate a bodysuit for their younger sibling. Browse all craft-friendly items here.

You did it! Not only did you make it out of Valentine’s Day with zero candy, but you also got creative with the kiddos! For more ways to upgrade your nursery, read here. And for a step-by-step tutorial on how to tie-dye our Gerber Onesies, see here

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