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6 Different Reasons Why People Watch the Big Game

6 Different Reasons Why People Watch the Big Game

Football fans and snack lovers unite for the biggest game of the year. Millions will surround their coffee tables with friends and family to view the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals play for the championship title.

But everyone seems to have different reasons for watching the the Big Game. Here are six different types of American Football Watchers:  

1. True American Football Fans

These are the jersey-wearing fans whose eyes are glued to the screen. Commercials are snack breaks, and the halftime show is put on mute. If this is you, we recommend getting the family on your team with these NFL styles. For Los Angeles Rams fans, shop here. For Cincinnati Bengals fans, shop here.



2. Just Here for the Snacks

    Not only are commercials for snack breaks, but the whole game is also a reason to indulge in the yummiest of treats. From chicken wings to French fries, there’s nothing more traditional than delicious coffee table snacks. Shop some of our most favorite (and hilarious) bodysuits from Onesies Brand.

    Small white dog with brown spots

    3. Puppy Bowl Lovers

      Why watch football when you can watch adorable puppies and call in for an early bedtime? If you and the kiddos are viewing the Puppy Bowl this year, be sure to order this adorable dog sleepwear for your little ones.

      4. “Commercials the Best Part”

        For those of you who are just rooting for whichever team is wearing your favorite color, and then laughing out loud at the commercials—this may be you.

        5. Halftime Show Lip Sync Performers

          The Weekend is performing, and we imagine some a lot of us will be singing along like it’s the reason we’re up so late on a school night.

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          6. Family Time is the Best Time

            For those of you who will take any excuse to spend time with the family, this is you! Celebrate the time together with matching NFL team outfits for siblings.

            No matter your reason for watching the Big Game this year, be sure to dress the part with our NFL styles for your baby and toddler. Shop now to get it on time!