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How To Empower Your Toddler Through Self-Dressing

How To Empower Your Toddler Through Self-Dressing

Our toddlers are constantly testing their boundaries (and sometimes our patience too!). But most of the time all they really want is a little control and chance to be independent… So why not give it to them?  

Letting children decide what to wear, within reason, can:

Build confidence. Fashion is one of the simplest ways to express yourself. Choosing what to wear at a young age will help your child develop their own individuality (or desire to fit in), and in doing so boost self-esteem while figuring out their own preferences.

Encourage independence. That’s the goal with this whole parenting thing, right? To raise strong and independent, loving humans? Handing them the kids clothing reins will give them some control over their lives, when everything else (what they eat, when they sleep, you name it!) is managed by their grown-ups.

Lessen the fuss. Pick your battles, right? As long as their outfit choice is weather-appropriate and there’s no dress code, what’s the big deal? It might just make your mornings a little easier.

So, maybe your child isn’t ready to pick out an entire outfit, but if you give them 2-3 parent-approved choices, you can still give your child the independence they crave. By offering options, you can start empowering your child to self-dress as early as age two. You know your child best, they’ll let you know when they’re ready!

For example, pick out:
3 separate toddler tops
3 separate toddler bottoms
2 sock options

Let your little one be brave. You might be amazed to see the pride in their eyes when they wear that unicorn outfit they love so much with clashing leggings and a superhero cape.  Because let’s be real… this is the best time in their lives to do so.

Is your toddler a fabulous GCW fashionista? Be sure to tag us on social with your best mismatched shots! And if you’re ready to find your strong-willed youngster a new favorite outfit… Start here!