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Celebrate This Year’s Summer Games at Home: 7 Fun Activities for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Celebrate This Year’s Summer Games at Home: 7 Fun Activities for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Let the Gerber games begin! While we all watch this year’s summer ceremonies, plan some fun activities for your kiddos to get them in the spirit. From indoor crafts to outdoor fun, keep reading as we list seven activities your toddlers will love.

DIY Torch to Celebrate the Summer Games

DIY Torch

All you need are these three items: Paper towel roll, cupcake liner and orange tissue paper. Cutout the bottom of the cupcake liner and slide it onto the top of the paper towel roll. Take the center of a couple sheets of tissue paper and insert it into the top of the paper towel roll. Ensure all is secure, and voila! The official at-home ceremonies may commence.

Backyard Obstacle Course

Ready, set, go! Set up hurdles, tunnels, and a finish line for an epic backyard obstacle course your kiddos will love. To keep temperatures cool, have the kids throw on their swimwear and turn on the sprinkler for extra fun.

Straw Javelin Throw

Take the games inside to cool down and find a straw (or something similar) and a round target to see who can throw their “Javelin” the furthest and most accurate.

Hoola Hooping

Celebrate the official ceremonies’ rings and hoola hoop your heart out. For some fun trivia, teach your kiddos about the origins of the famous, historic rings.

Water Balloon Shot Put

Cool off with a friendly game of water balloon shotput! Fill up a number of small water balloons and see who can toss their balloons the furthest. 

Dance Like a Gymnast  

Turn on their favorite tune and engage in a dance break with your little ones. If they’re up for it, encourage them to come up with a dance together. 

Pool Time in the Bathtub

After a long day of outdoor activities, make bath time fun with their favorite pool essentials. Suit up in their kids’ swimwear and hat, add a beach ball and get clean the fun way. 


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