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Best Baby Items to Last Throughout the Toddler Years

Best Baby Items to Last Throughout the Toddler Years

We’ve all been there. We buy something for our newborn baby and then they grow out of it a week later. It’s no exaggeration when parents preach “They grow up so fast!” We get it. That’s one of the reasons we suggest adding our Grow-With-Me sets to your baby registry. Designed to grow along with your little one, this collection comes with three separate 5-packs of bodysuits in sizes 0-3M, 3-6M and 6-9M.

That’s not the only trick up our sleeve. Read on for items from your registry that will surely last throughout the toddler years and beyond!

Crib Sheets

Making the move from crib to toddler bed? No need to buy new sheets because our 52" x 28" fitted crib sheets fit standard crib and toddler mattresses! Plus, the corners of the sheet are fitted to keep them from shifting during the night. Elastic edges ensure the perfect fit each time while making it easier to make and unmake the crib.


Crib Pads

That goes for crib pads too! We actually started calling these “Multi-Purpose” pads since they’re so versatile. It’s not uncommon for potty training to continue through the toddler years, so keep some of these on-hand for unpredicted accidents. These water-resistant pads are also great for traveling, puppy pads or place mats. 

Burp Cloths

While burp cloths are every mom’s holy grail during breastfeeding, don’t put them in storage just yet because this just may be our most versatile item we offer. Not only are they great for spit up and other adorable baby messes, but all kinds of messes! From cleaning around the house to washing your car, these cloths are ultra-absorbent and can help with just about anything. For a full list of ways to use our burp cloths, read this blog here.

Not only will this save you some money, but this is a one great way to be sustainable with the items you’re buying for baby. Gerber was founded on the ambition to give babies the best start in life. That's why our work doesn't stop at clothing baby, and why every day, we take action to protect the planet so Gerber babies will grow and thrive for generations to come. For more about our sustainability practices, read here.

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